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Data Manager for Fitbit is paid iOS app published by Rong Liu



Awful app would like a refund



Pros: No bugs that I can tell. Syncs with Health app. Does what it claims but only minimally. Cons: Doesn’t really give you any useful information that you don’t already have through other apps. Doesn’t auto sync with the Health app and some of the metrics won't sync at all. No actual data info just relative line graphs. Overall, not crying over the couple bucks spent to find out what the app is capable of. . which isn’t much. There is potential in this app if the developer makes it deeper and useful. Until then though, I’d recommend saving your money.

Sync Fitbit to Health


Reliably syncs my Fitbit data to Health app

Works well for me


It wont sync your heart rate but everything alse it does sync no issues

Great app


I love the app! When I got it it was working great and very useful. Lately though I've had issues with syncing my data to health kit. Fix that and it's back to a great app!

Works As Expected


Was able to sync the expected data without issue. Very simple to use. Sync'd years of data in less then two minutes.



Bought it and deleted right away, it only syncs minimal food info (calories) so if u are looking to track more that that it doesn't help.

Good so far


So far, it looks like it works.

Nice app

Mark L. Torrey

I really like this app and am grateful to not have to enter Fitbit data manually the app works well in syncing 'new' data. I use it twice daily, AM and PM to update my Health app with latest FitBit data. I do have some suggestions: 1) The app does not sync a 'static' body weight, e.g. no change from one day to the next. Adding a time/date stamp check of the FitBit data may help to resolve, assuming user inputs same weight. 2) Full 'Sleep Data' is not synced properly. When sleep is interrupted and recorded separately e.g on a separate line, only the last line recorded is synced, which requires a manual entry of the missed data in the Health app. A broader analysis of sleep data changes should be implemented. Developer may contact me for examples if it would be helpful.

Not a bad app


This app does sync my Fitbit data to Apple health, except the heart rate data, so there is an improvement in future.