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Data Manager for Fitbit is paid iOS app published by Rong Liu

Great but no auto-sync?


Does a great job of getting my Fitbit data into HealthKit, but I can't figure out how to automatically sync my data maybe once per day instead of having to manually run the app and sync the data.

It does what it’s supposed to do.


It says that it syncs Fitbit data to Apple health, and it does just that.

Could be better. :(


Works as advertised, but does not write all the data to Fitbit. Specifically does not write calorie data. Bit misleading because it shows that it can read this data from HealthKit but does not show what it is possible to write to Fitbit. Worth the money if you just want to get your basic data out of your Fitbit account into HealthKit.

Does what it says it will (mostly)


Works well as a simple workaround for getting Fitbit data into apple health, except it crashes when sleep data is turned on to sync.

Does what it says, so far so good


I downloaded this app, entered my Fitbit account info, and my data was available immediately. I've been using my Fitbit for years, so there was a lot. Getting my Fitbit data into the Apple Health app was a snap. Just tap on the settings hamburger, and it was right there. Select the data, Health app launches. Choose this app as data source, and years of data was immediately available. The weight and body fat from Aria scale was included, which is nice. Was entering by hand. If by the end of the week data is automatically transferred, I'll rate 5 stars.

Poor app


Completely useless. Do not buy. Shows less of the exact same info the Fitbit app shows. There's no point and its deceptively marketed.

Crashes and fails


I am using iPhone 6s and this app crashes and fails to write data occasionally, when it does, the data in health app all disappear, forcing me to reboot the device to fix it. Please look into this problem.



The app does not track stairs for fit or flex!!

Heart rate needed


This app needs to snyc heart rate over as well. Please add!

Needs permissions to sync--fails every time


This app was promising, but it needs some kind of permission to sync. I can't figure out how to ask or grant permission. So this was a total waste of time and money. All other programs ask for permission themselves, or they take you through the steps to ask permission that is necessary during the initial set up. As it stands this program is completely useless to me and I've already deleted it. It's never synced anything. If you're a casual iPhone user I would avoid this app for something else that takes care of the backend stuff on its own.