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Data Manager for Fitbit is paid iOS app published by Rong Liu

JUNK-get the Free Fitbit app

Mag edit

$1.99 for an app that will not open. Search for Fitbit and download the free app that works with all the products; it works great.

Does not work do not buy

Go Tar Heels!!!

Do not buy this app! It doesn't work! It doesn't sync with the Health app or if you repeatedly delete and reinstall the app it will sync ONCE! Then you have to delete it and reinstall it all over again. DON'T waste your time or money with this app. Regretting I even tried it!

Do not buy this piece of crap!

Mo Karney

Does not work! My fitbit shows 10,500 steps yet HealthKit only shows 513. The wristband app even says it synced just seconds ago! AVOID AVOID AVOID!



This app is making me do upset! I would rate it, but every time I click I even click on it, it shuts me out of everything! I know three dollars isn't a lot but when I don't buy apps often and the first time I do it doesn't even work/let me use it.. Very upset with it.

No sync with jawbone

Add me SAMNY3

Should have read the fine print. DOESNT sync jawbone with Health even though the title implies otherwise. Wish I could get my money back. Wasted.

Don't bother


Didn't sync data consistently. Omitted data and has way to many bugs for my taste. Deleted it.

Simple Math


You can't simply add the Fitbit data to the iPhone data. You get a huge duplication of steps and fights. Subtract out the iPhone data. This is pretty simple to do. I'd think it's maybe one line of code?



I paid for this app and then it would not stay open on my iPhone. When I called Fitbit I found out the correct app is free ~~~ The free one works on my iPhone :)

Doesn't work well


Never got this app to work with my FitBit. Found the right app and deleting this one. I'd say pass

Just a graph


So far, all this is offering me is a graph (weekly, monthly or yearly) of the info I already have from my FitBit app. Not thrilled with this purchase.

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