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Data Manager for Fitbit is paid iOS app published by Rong Liu


Christian Joyce42

The app is an excellent tool for overall fitness.


Ina Longmann

Super easy to track your activity and progress.


Jodie Bob40

I am excited to see all that I have accomplished when using this app!

Feels Like a Scam


I purchased this app and when I went to sync, I got a message at the top of the screen informing me I should download “a free and more powerful app” to sync my Fitbit with Apple Health. So I apparently paid for something I could have received for free. Now the free app wants more money to upgrade. I want my money back!

Getting back into it


Very good APP

Total waste


This was a complete waste of money. Doesn't work at all. Do not recommend. I try to login and it won't do anything. Can't get past the opening screen

Does not sync


Give me my money back!

Very good


But there's one more thing that you could add.Active minuets. Can you please add that?

Version 2.9


It don’t work at all now

Won’t Sync


I bought this because it was listed in the Fitbit app as working with Fitbit. Set it up and sync results were poor. In the app it said to download a totally different app to sync. I did only to learn it doesn’t sync Sleep info. So I removed it and now nothing syncs. Wasted money. Removing from iPhone.

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