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Data Manager for Fitbit

Sync Fitbit data to Apple Health App, and visualize data in an innovative way!
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Health & Fitness $3.99 Rong Liu iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Sync data to HealthKit (requires iOS 8)
* Works with ALL Fitbit trackers (including Fitbit One and Zip)
* Track and visualize your health related data like sleep, body fat percentage, weight, steps, distance, active time, calories, flights of stairs climbed.
* Support iPad and iPhone
* Get statistics like how many miles you've run this year, or how many hours you slept on an average day
* Easily update your weight data
** Sync to HealthKit is for Fitbit users only, not for UP users

HealthKit (aka Health App) Integration:
Data Manager for Fitbit syncs your personal health data to Apple HealthKit, where your data is securely stored:

- Sleep Analysis
- Body Fat Percentage
- Weight
- Active Calories
- Steps
- Walking + Running Distance
- Stairs Climbed

More wonderful features are to come, and we're collecting feedbacks!

Running designed by Anthony Lui from The Noun Project.
List designed by Iruel Io from the Noun Project.
Moon designed by P.J. Onori from The Noun Project.
Star designed by Ema Dimitrova from the Noun Project.


Feels Like a Scam

I purchased this app and when I went to sync, I got a message at the top of the screen informing me I should download “a free and more powerful app” to sync my Fitbit with Apple Health. So I apparently paid for something I could have received for free. Now the free app wants more money to upgrade. I want my money back!

Getting back into it

Very good APP

Total waste

This was a complete waste of money. Doesn't work at all. Do not recommend. I try to login and it won't do anything. Can't get past the opening screen

Does not sync

Give me my money back!

Very good

But there's one more thing that you could add.Active minuets. Can you please add that?

Version 2.9

It don’t work at all now

Won’t Sync

I bought this because it was listed in the Fitbit app as working with Fitbit. Set it up and sync results were poor. In the app it said to download a totally different app to sync. I did only to learn it doesn’t sync Sleep info. So I removed it and now nothing syncs. Wasted money. Removing from iPhone.

Mommy 2003

It doesn't sync everything like my distance, it bugs me I wish that it does that plus it doesn't sync my sleep when I look at my Fitbit I should tell me everything.

Doesn't support sleep

For whatever reason the app quit syncing my sleep data

Trash those Weekly emails
Eze II

I bought this in a bundle mainly for the other App that helps you locate your lost FB. That works for me too. Recently I stumbled across this App again. Lo and behold, it gives me a activity graphic display (daily, weekly, monthly) so I don't have to refer back to the emails the FB sends me weekly. I just use this App. It makes me wonder why this solution isn't part of the FB App. To simple or it's an extra revenue stream. We won't know w/o being able to "follow the money". Lol