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Download Dash of Color - Black & White, Colorful Photo Editor with Grayscale Effects

Dash of Color - Black & White, Colorful Photo Editor with Grayscale Effects

Dash of Color FREE lets you give an extra boost of color to any photo that could benefit from that "something extra". Giving each shot its own special artistic "kick" and individual feel, this simple and fun to use app brings back the joy of finger painting as you transform black and white pics into dramatic works of art.
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Love it!
“I’m like seriously hooked!!!!”

“makes photos look awesome and its a free app!”

How many times have you looked at a perfectly composed photo and thought that it would look so much better as a classic black and white shot? Or better yet, a black and white with just the right amount of color splashed in for a dramatic effect. Sadly, you have no photography experience and you just can't bring yourself to go to one of those pricey studios or buy expensive, hard to use photo editing software.
With Dash of Color FREE on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you'll be able to take the same glamorous shots that you're used to and customize the images to give them that dash of color, just like the pros. The best part is that it's easy to use and totally free of charge! Choose an image and Dash of Color will transform it into a classic black and white shot.  Consider this a canvas upon which you will create your masterpiece. Just paint with your finger to add dashes of color in all the right places.

- Simple, yet refined user interface
- NEW Zoom feature!
- Undo (saves your every move from the very beginning)
- Paint in color
- Paint in black & white (to erase)
- Twitter and email integration
- Post your photos to our public gallery to share
your work and see others!

Dash of Color FREE is "goof proof." The controls are easy to use and the "Undo" feature remembers every edit you make. With unlimited "Undo's" you can go back as many times as needed to make changes. Dash of Color FREE offers many of the very same tools and effects that the pros use.  If you think that a certain area requires a smaller brush, just zoom in for detail. If you think that you've made a mistake, or want to see how another color would look in this one's place, no problem. Paint in either color or black and white, to continually alter your shot until you're 100% happy with the final outcome. With the new zoom feature, you can even zoom in to work on more intricate areas with ease! 

You will create professional looking photographs on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and you'll do it without spending a single penny. Download Dash of Color FREE now and let everyone see the world from your point of view. 

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Not working

This app is not working and not easy to use.


Edited photos no longer saving to camera roll or posting to Facebook. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still have the same issue.

Wonderful app!!πŸ’›I love it there's just 1 problem

Problem is that it is hard to use brush because it is too flat😬 But I 😍

App crashes
3yr old fun

Good app that is fun when it works. Super frustrating when you spend time working on a picture and the app crashes and you have to start over, which has happened about 50% of the time that I use the app.

Donkey Hotey

I was unable to add any color to my image. Looks like a bait-and-switch with the in-app purchases, but can't evaluate before buying.

Not working

It's not working... Please fix...only saving black photos to picture roll... : ( this was a great ap...


I dislike this app soo much! You spend a bit of time editing a picture & when your all done & try to save it it's just a black screen as well as when you try uploading via Facebook. Horrible!!


It's horrible. Won't save pictures. I want my money back. This is a scam.


I love the app except when i saved the picture, it saved as a black screen in my photos. Please fix then perfect app with 5 stars!

Does not Save the pic to roll
Wake up Apple Inc

This app seems great till you try saving your work to Camera roll... Saves it as a black pic ... What's the use of the app and its features if it doesn't save your work for you??? Is the app developer even checking the reviews and doing anything to fix the issue and how did Apple Inc. allow this app in their store without vetting the app and functioning of it?