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From the graphic designer of "LUMI" selected by Apple for the "app of the week", Dark Guardians is the most epic adventure game on the App Store.
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Games $1.99 Mathieu Akita iPhone, iPad, iPod

Between a runner game and a rhythm game, Dark Guardians awakens all your senses.
Fight monsters of darkness and travel across fantastic and mystical landscapes.

Game Features:

-Tons of beautiful Environments
-Outstanding music by Valentin Lafort
-Upgrade your Hero
-Summon the legendary Dark Horse



It's a lot of fun and creative, but it crashes if you leave the app and try to return. It would also be better if it had gamecenter, prime31 has a great pluggin for integrating gamecenter with unity.


Not worth 2 bucks but still good


This is one of those instances, where I should've waited for more reviews. The game looks great and has a really appealing art style, but the sheer lack of depth or the fact that the game does not even bother to explain its mechanics to you, make this really unworthy of the price tag. It's a runner and not a very good one at that :(

Pretty, but shallow

Vaquerro is 100% spot-on with his review. Even the ending is even less satisfying than a "...princess is in another castle". Save the $2 until (hopefully) a future update fleshes the game out further. In the meantime, look at the nice screen captures and then buy something else.

Great art, bad game

The art is the only interesting part of this game

Wow this is fun

Neat little game and a fun runner. Great art and sound. Gameplay is simple enough. Just match the color of the button to that of the enemy. But, I'm not sure how the rhythm part comes in. Is it supposed to time to the music somehow? Either way, great value at 2 bucks.

Beautiful but unplayable

Once you hit 4000m it becomes pretty much impossible to progress further. Even with maxed out "equipment", the game just starts throwing elements at you completely at random and way faster than you can react. Might be slightly more playable on an iPhone 5 than it is on an iPad, but still could use a lot more play balancing and a softer difficulty curve.

iPhone 5S

Great addicting and challenging game a real good mind exercise for think reaction speed if you like thumb tapping quick thinking games this is your greatest challenge it's beatable you just have to reach 10,000 in a run but stay alive

Cool game

Nice game

Fun way to pass the time

This game is really entertaining, and a great exercise in coordination. I love it!