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Danger World is a game where you read your way through an adventure, choosing at each point what you would like to do next. As the name implies, the worlds that await you are dangerous, but adventure calls!
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Games Free Taormina Innovations LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod



Happy with how the creator keeps improving the app. Great concept. Looking forward to what’s next!

Best reading game ever

This games is amazing I will definitely tell my friends to get this game. Hey when I found this game I was so excited because I haven’t found a reading game that’s fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Great game but lots of bugs

First of all, the premise of the game is great. I love being able to play d&d everywhere. However there are a lot of bugs which really detract from the game and the overall feeling of it. One bug is that the grammar is really messed up and the sentences are really hard to understand and are broken up. Also, the game does not accept a lot of actions and they don’t count. I would also like to see a dice rolling system in the game and a continuous story Great game and keep working on it, I am excited to see this completed!

Not very intuitive

The solo adventures really need to be better scaled. Start with 8 hp and 3 enemies with 20hp each attack with 15 and 30 points of damage. What kind of first encounter are these? Takes all the fun out if you can’t play past two or three turns before dying.