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The birds are attacking ... your iPhone’s screen in 3D! Swipe to cut the attacking birds or they crack your screen in seconds!
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Games Free SolverLabs LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Cut the Birds is an action 3D game where you have to slash different kinds of 3D birds before they smash into your screen and crack it. Check out how fast your eyes and fingers can go and how far you can advance in stopping the aggressive birds.

Be aware of bombs! Don’t slice the bombs otherwise they explode your screen and the game would be over instantly.

Current version of the game has two modes: “Classic” and “No bombs”. Choose your favorite mode for maximum enjoyment. The game also features day and night cycles. During the night birds are attacking with less frequency.

TIP: In addition to slice you can also tap a bird to stop it. It is especially useful when you need greater accuracy to avoid bombs in classic mode.

Get extra bonus points by cutting several birds with one slash but remember that you can also tap a bird instead of slicing to achieve greater accuracy and avoid bombs.

* Fun 3D graphics and animation
* Realistic and accurate physics-based trajectories
* Different types of birds
* Day and night cycles. During the night the birds are attacking with less frequency
* Two game modes: “Classic” and “No Bombs”



The game is really good try it


The graphics is beautiful and the game play Is smooth. I like how the birds are fallen apart into feathers when I slice them. I hope they add openfeint or gamecenter support so that I can compete with friends


Better than I thought it would be.


I love this game... It is easy to play yet still entertaining. Works great on my iPad 2


its like fruit ninja but with birds. i like it


It's crazy the birds just keep coming at you people should buy this


This is great. I love it it's the best I love it you should get it totally I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's ok


It's okay I guess. No power ups or much variety. I would suggest Fruit Ninja over this one.

It's a copycat
No more TV carriers

Don't waste ur money cause it's a copycat from fruit ninja