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Social Networking Free Google LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Explore topics you’re interested in
• Connect with people who share your interests
• Fill your stream with great content by following interesting people, pages, and communities
• Join communities to connect with people around all kinds of topics
• Follow your curiosity using search, trending topics, and What’s Hot
• Share rich posts with your followers

Google+ Photos
• Back up all your photos and videos
• Find the right photo fast with image search
• Enhance photos in a flash and get creative with easy editing tools
• See moments brought to life as Stories, Movies, animations, and more

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


man why is it paid :((
Puppy Fuz

i miss google plus y’all had to be greedy and kill it i’m disappointed


would love to see the community/social media side of google+ come back someday, i made so many fond memories there and it was perfect for younger me to grow and learn more about the internet. it was “training” for me, in a way, to learn about being safe online :’) thats so cringy but it’s true!!

Just went downhill

Honestly, I think you should’ve left it open for everyone and now no one can connect old friends. Just a major rip in the chat I guess.


i miss this app so much, i remember making alot of friends on here and it was the best years of my life. when i heard they were shutting it down, i got emotional because i was gonna lose all of my friends on here. i wish it came back ?

It was good while it lasted

I honestly loved the app but all I gotta say is “it was good while it lasted “ R.I.P Google+

I miss it
FNaF Gam3r

I miss all the memes and I miss all of my friends that were on there...


Why did you have to change google plus? I had some many good friends on there and now I can’t find them anymore. I liked how organized my profile page was and now it’s all gone thx to you. You guys are unbelievable, it’s been a couple years since g+ got shut down and not a day goes by when I think of it. It was a fun place and so much better than face book. I’m very very VERY disappointed...

Bring back Old Google Plus

Please just bring back the Old Google plus a lot of people miss it. It would be amazing if it made a return

Is this app working ?

Has anyone used this app or is it not working ? I ask because I don’t download everything I see or open it might have a bug.


Please bring back the ability dir EVERYONE to have g+

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