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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd

Is the I game suppose to be mute?


I use to play this game all the time in my iPod a long time ago and I loved it! Everything about it! It was fun but ever sense I downloaded it on my iphone, there is no sound no matter how much I turn up the volume and no, it’s not my phone that has the issue because I can play music, YouTube, and other apps just fine with sound. But for some reason it doesn’t work at all for the app. Please fix this and I’ll give five stars! Thank you!


Toligan 248

I can’t even explain just trash



It's good k

Crossy road

crossy road 💕💕

I love this game so much thank you for enventing this game I really love it I have been playing it since I was 5 and I love these carecters they are so amazing especially the moon cheese I really love this game thank you I love u for enventing this game ❤️💕

Awesome Crossy road

Lucky Mary Helm

I really like this game it’s a fun way for people

I L0VE tHiS gAmE

Virginia Ellis

Tysm!!! For all the gifts I gotten so far and I love u game too cross the road.

You guys are awful


Jk you guys made an amazing fun game that will teach you hand eye coordination.

Lots of fun

I love this game. It really addicting and has everything I want in an endless runner and even more.

Love But...


I love love this game but I do have one teensy problem the logs. When I’m playing you can’t expect me to jump to an invisible log. I suggest that you make your logs come in a bit faster. Just a suggestion. Overall I love this game I play it all the time.

Crossy road

Lily Kuntz

It’s a fun addictive game that everyone will enjoy. Just don’t play this game while sitting at work!😂

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