Crossy Crosser - Cross The High Road Game Reviews

3/5 rating based on 50 reviews. Read all reviews for Crossy Crosser - Cross The High Road Game for iPhone.
Crossy Crosser - Cross The High Road Game is free iOS app published by Sofia Campbell



Ads pop up immediately and the x to close them are off the screen making the game 100% unplayable. I'd give this game less than 1 star if I could.

Take a hint.


Seriously, if I could rate this app negative stars I would. You can't even play the game! The adds won't allow it!



I tried to play when the typical add popped up and the X button's if off the screen. This game is poorly made and everyone should just play the normal Crosby road

Could not even play the game

A Lunar beach

It starts popping ad in the center of the screen even before playing for the first time.

Do not get


Cannot actually play game, just adds


Creamy of the creams

The app seems fun and all when you look at it, but it's just terrible! You can't even get into the game, because ads always pop up and the x button isn't on the screen! Also, I have deleted the app, and re-downloaded it to see if that would work. IT DOESNT!!!!

Love it


This app is the best app you could have! I'm not kidding even when you are on a bus!

Hella dumb ?

Aurora. R-M

An ad opens every time I try to play and I can't X out of it. I haven't even been able to play it yet. If I could give this app a negative amount of stars, I would.

Can't play this game


Please fix I been trying to play this game but for some reason there is an advertisement of another game interfering and I can't make it go away what is going on please fix!!!!!

I HATE this game

Cheetah girl 10

When you try to play an app request pops up and there's no x! So you pretty much just can't play the game. My advice is don't download this STUPID GAME!

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