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CrossFire:Legends, Tencent’s first all-encompassing mobile shooting game, is now on the App Store!
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Games Free PROXIMA BETA PTE.LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

CrossFire:Legends is the official mobile version of CrossFire, a shooting game developed by Smilegate and Tencent. It maintains the overall aesthetic of the original game but with certain adjustments made to for mobile devices. 300 million CrossFire players all over the world can now enjoy the same thrill of competition and teamwork on the go!

--- Game Features ---
Ready, aim, fire!
Join your friends on the battlefield!

Classic Shooting Game
Realistic combat experience!

More Variety Than Ever
Explore all the modes and go all out

Great Compatibility
Runs on just about any device

Small installation, but with HD quality

Source: Through purchase and daily missions
Use: For purchasing items and packs

Source: Through daily missions and exchanged from gems
Use: For purchasing items and packs

Ranked Coins
Source: Through ranked matches
Use: Exchange these for weapons and items in the Ranked Shop

Squad Coins
Source: Squad events
Use: Exchange these for weapons and items in Squad Shop

--- Contact Us ---
If you like our game, please let us know!
Official website:
Mobile website:

--- Special Note ---
In the game "CrossFire: Legends", the user logs in using the platform account (Facebook or Google) and can synchronize some of the data in the game, including ratings, friends, etc., without purchasing the accumulated value. The game token "gem" purchased by the user in the game is limited to use in this application.All the lucky draw activities in "CrossFire:Legends" have nothing to do with Apple, and the final interpretation power belongs to Tencent.



The update is so slow and l love it but I like China one tatter

Great game, very fun, but where's the team?

I've always been a fan of this game but I noticed the last update was made seven months ago. When will there be a new update?


Pls pls update !!!! I haven’t been excited as much too play cause there’s never a new update

We’ve been forgotten.

This was a great game, there are many supporters. It’s still a game that is very profitable should the developers continue to maintenance. However, it appears that is no longer their interest. We hadn’t had a single update since last year of November, and the ranked season just ended. No new season, no new events, no new of anything. Hackers are running rampant in the game. They’re top of the ranking boards. I was one of the many who looked to invest in the game by topping up should there be continuous events. There is potential, but at this rate. It appears the developers aren’t even trying or care about us as the consumers anymore. Therefore, I advise you to not waste your time.

New season???

I need the new season

ZhiJie Yuan

But always want players to top up

Pay to win

They say they don’t support pay to win but you can get 2 weapons that no one else can get if you spend money.Weapons that are FAR better then weapons that people who don’t play get.And they don’t keep track of who’s in their game. It’s loaded with hackers. People who know where you are no matter if you hide or not. Seems to me tencent is got them another great money machine GREAT JOB ON THE JOKE GAME

Need more updates and rest the season.
Fans Cross Fire :)

This game is great overall good performance easy to play.If the creator of this game added new gun and actually updated season because it take to long it’s happened over 3 weeks now and no update come on please always stay active and update your game.I really enjoyed play this game I help they added new gun also skin into the game because is make the game more interest and please bands hacker.



Developers please read this?
No.1 fun of this game

Good day developers of cfl? I’m just wondering if when will be the next update? You guys said that there’s still an update but what happened now? It’s been a month that there is no update at all. ALL OF THE CFL PLAYERS HERE IN THIS SERVER (NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH EAST ASIA, ETC.) REALLY MISSED THIS GAME AND WE ARE ALL STILL HOPING ? We spent a lot of money and time in here just because we really love this game but what happened now? Please developers it really breaks my heart when I heard that you guys will not gonna focus in this server anymore ?? We just want a new update that’s all we want. Is that really hard for you guys? Or just remove all the cheaters in this server and let us play ranked game? That’s all we want???? God bless you all and thank you for reading this ?❤️



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