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In Criss-Cross puzzles, all the chosen words have been fitted together in a unique way to create a grid, then the words are removed and grouped in order of their letter counts, with each group arranged alphabetically.
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It’s up to you to put the words back into the grid in their original places – only one solution will work! You will find places in the grid where more than one word may fit initially, which means you’ll have to note which letters cross with other words and think a few steps ahead.

Puzzles are suitable for any age range and have been compiled on a wide range of themes, there is bound to be something in each of our packs for everybody.

The initial App is free and contains 12 puzzles, additional packs of 40 puzzles can be purchased within the App and new packs of puzzles are released monthly.



I love this app, it is the only fill-in puzzle I have found in the app store. I get every new pack when it comes out. Thanks for the great game !!

Good app
Mad Mamaxxxxxxx

Would have given 5 stars can only play games once. Make it so we can play over and over. I'm not going to pay each month for new games I can only play once. There is more than one player on my I-pad.

Not sure.....

Seems quite clumsy to work with, and I cannot find a means of erasing a word if I make a mistake. Nor could I even find a way to start the puzzle anew in lieu of being unable to erase. I think I'll chuck this game for now, and maybe they will smooth things out, or I'll have more time and/or patients to deal with it at a later time.

Good game until latest update

I loved playing this game! However, I can't even open it to play. Hopefully a new fix is coming!

Great time passer...

I'm very pleased w/this game. There were a few hiccups during game one. However, once I continued playing it became very user friendly...even less time consuming than typing each letter as you fill in the words w/the swipe of a finger. One change that would make it a def 5 Starr review would be the ability to clear the entire board if a few mistakes are identified opposed to individually deleting each word. Please change & this will be easily be one of my favorite well as not so frustrating for my 13 year old. Im looking forward to trying another one of your games (starting w/the bee game). Thanks n keep up the good work.

Good puzzles, but...
Flower Grower

I have always enjoyed these kind of word puzzles. I have always seen these with the first word filled in as a starting word. It at least gives you someplace to begin. Would much appreciate that added to the next update.

puzzle packs disappeared

I purchased three word puzzles. Later on I purchased the add on packs. Now two weeks later, the add ons have disappeared and the original puzzles reset. I am not a happy camper.

Love it!

I never write a review but I wanted to take a minute to let the developer know how much I love this App! I have been looking for an app like this since my first iPad and I just stumbled upon it yesterday. I bought all the puzzle packs that were available and I have completed about 12 puzzles already. I am so glad that I can even put possible letters in a box, they thought of it all. It is just like doing pencil/paper ones. Please keep adding more and thank you for making this app! 4/9/12 Since the update I can't play it is stuck on the loading screen even after I reboot the device. I won't take stars away yet because I hope they will help me! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it because they said you can repurchase the puzzles for free and all that available is pack 1 and I have to pay for it.

Great game...

I was having trouble with it after the update but I reinstalled it and it works just fine. I lost all the puzzles I had finish in the puzzles packs but after I was to the store to purchase the packs I was not charge again it said you already bought this pack and press ok the install it again thanks you guys keep up the good work...

Best criss cross word

Best one I have tried so far! Well worth the download.......I find 1.99 for 40 puzzles a bit high.