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Tower Defense like you’ve never seen it before! Protect your base and take control of your very own hero to save the day. Are you ready for a brand new type of strategy?

Loot your way through hundreds of levels and build your very own army. Combine hundreds of items to create bigger, better and badder towers.

Or, why not borrow your friends’ heroes to lay waste to the merciless Minotaur army? The more friends you make, the stronger you become!

Featuring hundreds of awesome tower defense levels, have you got what it takes to defend your kingdom from the Crazy Kings?

• TOWER DEFENSE MEETS COLLECTABLE CARD GAMING – Get hooked with brain-busting strategy and super-addictive card collecting gameplay!
• BADDIE BASHING – Fight dozens of enemy types, from Minotaurs, to Undead and even feathered fiends!
• LEVEL UP YOUR HERO – Win new items with every victory, and make your hero the biggest and baddest.
• BUILD AND UPGRADE – Level up your battle deck from everyday defenses, right up to epic giant dragons!
• WIN PRIZES – Join millions in daily and weekly tournaments for awesome rewards.
• LOOT, LOOT AND MORE LOOT! – Power up your hero with all that juicy loot.
• SO MANY LEVELS – Hundreds of awesome levels set across snowy tundra, arid desert, rolling hills and more!

Download now and get ready to fight! The Crazy Kings are coming!

Crazy Kings is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You may require an Internet connection to play Crazy Kings and access its social features. Crazy Kings may also contain advertising.


Life without zero

Some of the enemies are to Op (over powered) and have to much health. More easy levels when you just started would be helpful too


Hey could you guys put like a Nother operate station in like oh no like the under the area you know I’ll do you the one upgrade stations at the first area would you mind buying another one please.

YT:SnipingTomahawk 1

This game is so fun and really long. Really wish this game blew up but never did. Because of it they’re not updating as much. I share with friends to help them :). Recommend this game really fun and time consuming.

Kingdom rush but worse

Basically just kingdom rush with microtransactions

Great game one idea
1211 qwwww

I love this game been playing since it came out on my I pad and I’m glad I got it on my phone one idea thought to make this game even better. Some sort of video you can watch to make the card upgraders work faster or make the card upgrade fifteen minutes faster.

Great game held back by timer/gem systems

The core gameplay is really fun, unfortunately like most mobile games everything is locked behind timers with gross paid unlocks like. Would be great if they offered a one time payment of even $10 to pass all the timers and energy system. Instead your saddled with the option to buy gems to bypass these systems. Too bad since the actual game is great.

Top App!

This game is a blast! Still awesome after all this time!

Solid game overall

I’m a big fan of the game and have been playing it frequently for a long time. The amount of levels in the game is keeps the game moving. I’m a fan of the Challenge levels, tournament, and Outpost challenges because of the rewards most of the time is worth the effort. However, when you get to a late point in the game, the quests, arenas, and daily chest are pretty much worthless. Possibly making a trade system in for cards you don’t want for a single good card would make me want to do those again. Other than that big fan.

Love it but....

I love the game, but the developers don’t seem to be updating enough. Recent updates have failed to impress as they are trivial and don’t substantially add to the game. I have spent a decent amount of money on the game, but refuse to buy more until further progress is unlocked.

The Game is Very Nice but

i'm very disappointed why it takes so long to load the game. and its lagging. is the game required internet connection to play? cause i will uninstall it.. please i need to play this game without requiring internet connection.