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Tower Defense like you’ve never seen it before! Protect your base and take control of your very own hero to save the day. Are you ready for a brand new type of strategy?

Loot your way through hundreds of levels and build your very own army. Combine hundreds of items to create bigger, better and badder towers.

Or, why not borrow your friends’ heroes to lay waste to the merciless Minotaur army? The more friends you make, the stronger you become!

Featuring hundreds of awesome tower defense levels, have you got what it takes to defend your kingdom from the Crazy Kings?

• TOWER DEFENSE MEETS COLLECTABLE CARD GAMING – Get hooked with brain-busting strategy and super-addictive card collecting gameplay!
• BADDIE BASHING – Fight dozens of enemy types, from Minotaurs, to Undead and even feathered fiends!
• LEVEL UP YOUR HERO – Win new items with every victory, and make your hero the biggest and baddest.
• BUILD AND UPGRADE – Level up your battle deck from everyday defenses, right up to epic giant dragons!
• WIN PRIZES – Join millions in daily and weekly tournaments for awesome rewards.
• LOOT, LOOT AND MORE LOOT! – Power up your hero with all that juicy loot.
• SO MANY LEVELS – Hundreds of awesome levels set across snowy tundra, arid desert, rolling hills and more!

Download now and get ready to fight! The Crazy Kings are coming!

Crazy Kings is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You may require an Internet connection to play Crazy Kings and access its social features. Crazy Kings may also contain advertising.


Love it!

Perfect in every way except I have a suggestion. When the quests ask you to kill a certain type of enemy, I have the hardest time locating where those enemies are. I have to search through sometimes 20 locations. And then if I forget where that was the next day, I have to search again. Sometimes the quests say to beat a certain location and has a link to that spot. So if the same thing could be added to the other quests, that’d be great. It’s become very frustrating searching through levels constantly and having to memorize what’s in certain locations. Also, sometimes I watch a video to earn an extra slot and it doesn’t register. I’d expect that to happen a few times but it happens a little too often. Maybe also a way to trash unwanted cards. Otherwise perfect game, I’ve been playing a long time and I’m not at the end.

Love this game.

Wish it was easier to upgrade faster but all in all, it’s a great game.

Unbalanced Cash Grab

Edited: They have 80% off deals every few months and, used to be that if you bought 100 cards, you'd be sure to get a Legendary card. After the last update, that is no longer the case. Well, they've shot themselves in the foot, again. I've only bought card packs on sale but, will no longer spend money buying even those. And, since there's no other way to acquire Legendary cards except by buying them, there's no point in playing this game any further since it's impossible to progress without them. MORONS!! Beautifully designed game that could have been incredible but has been ruined by the greed of the developers. Very unbalanced from the Serpent level onwards to coerce IAPs. Prices are so outrageous that the game is an endless money pit. No joke, be prepared to spend $200-300 and even then get crappy cards. Other games allow you to buy specific cards or heroes. Here you buy packs for ludicrous prices with no control over which cards you get. The short-sightedness of the developers amazes me as they've obviously put a lot of work into the game but made it so greedy and unbalanced that players won't stick with it for very long.

Playing too many videos

I shouldn’t have to watch videos before the start of a level to utilize a card slot I have. Clearly a larger cash grab version of Crazy Defense, a game which I enjoyed.

Great TD Game

Not only is this a fun game, but it’s one of the few free to play TD games that isn’t overly bogged down in ads and in-app purchases. Both are present, but mildly so, and can be avoided if you’re willing to be a little patient in your progression. I only have two minor complaints about the game so far: first, that the pair of card upgraders on the map aren’t enough to process the large amount of cards you receive without lots of gem boosting, and second, the ‘tournaments’ are not well designed and are impossible move up in unless you are a very high level. Overall entertaining concept and gameplay, hoping for continued future updates.

Crazy Kings
ca li

I think crazy kings is a good game, but when I got a Epic in my first Mini pack (I know it probaly sounds fake but it's true.) It crashed the game and restarted my whole progress. I have to wait the load again, but I think the good part is that the game Actually Keeped all my gems and cards. I thank you crazy kings for noticing this.

Good for a while then....

So the core idea is great with some great ideas like creating your own hero and upgrading cards to gain more abilities in battle. But the game has some flaws. The game spikes difficulty and relies on a pay to win system to get far without a lot of grinding. Plus the game destroys battery life.

Today’s update has a serious problem
Jason Sol

The new path requires you to have 800 crowns to unlock it. The maximum crowns even available in the game are only 774!!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS

Great game held back by too many ads
Dillos popadopulos

This is a great game and would honestly have a 5 stars rating if it wasn't for all the ads you have to watch. There is often an option to pay to remove ads and this is sorely lacking. How many ads are there? Every level you must watch an add to open the extra card slot. And in the early game you really need the extra slot. When you do the fortune slots you need to watch 3 ads before you can spin the slots wheel. And sometimes the ads do not load and you can't open that extra slot or proceed in the fortune slots or you watch the ad and it doesn't register and you have to watch it again. Developers- Please add an option to pay to never have to watch an ad again!

Very good game, but...

Content and gameplay are great. After awhile it gets incredibly grinding. They need to cut card upgrade time in at least half and add 10-20 energy to play timer. I fully support paying money for good games, but this one is getting a little too greedy right now. The packs they sell are very poor values for your money because you still need the spend hundreds of dollars just to upgrade the cards you get with the pack you paid for. And thats even if you actually get some useable cards in the pack. Would be nice if they could buff a lot of the unusable cards. Much of the towers, equipment, and heros are unusable later in the game, even at high levels. Even after spending quite a bit of money you will still need to watch many ads to grind for worthless cards you cant do anything with in hopes of getting some usable card that you only need to open a locked path. Still a fun game if you're ready to invest heavily. I don't think ill be spending anymore unless they cut the price of the packs in half and drop the upgrade timers.