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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Game is constantly reloading cause it can’t connect to server.


I really enjoy this game, but now I can’t even play it cause it is always reloading the game after everything I do. I keep getting message that it cannot connect to server. Buffy’s Space



Game worked great ... loved it .. now I can’t play because it crashes every time you collect stuff

Game Crashes


I love playing this game I started it a couple of months ago. Even though it takes awhile to clear space or create items to sell I don’t mind crafting. I like gathering items, building and then decorating the rooms. The reason for the rating I am giving it is that it constantly crashes and I find myself trying having to try to reload it to continue playing. I wish the developers would fix this issue. I don’t mind spending money to play games if I find that it is worth it. Unfortunately the way this game is at the moment I won’t.

Love it!!!!


Great game



It won’t even load or let me begin the game

Fun Game


Really enjoying this game. There is a lot to do and it is time consuming, but all I have is time! The little Crafters are so cute and the plants you have to grow so unusual. I'm hooked and you will be too.

Kinda Upset

Marissa McMahon

So I’ve had this game for awhile and there was an update today. And you guys changed the name and it made me kinda upset. I like the name Crater Craft it was fun. And now that it’s Farm and Craft, it’s just not the same. I like the game just not how the name was changed.

Cute game, lots of activities

Farmer of the Silver Shield

You can be a decorator, a collector, a good club member, farmer, or competitor! Cute critters, neat setting. Good for kids or adults.

Used to love this game not so much anymore


Ive had this game for a while and I loved it but after the update myself as well as a large group of people I know who play it feel like it's not the same. 1.) the name change... It just didn't make sense it was pointless and it doesn't fit the game as well. It makes me think someone else in control of the app now like it was sold. 2.) I don't appreciate this stupid little present popping up on my crater trying to get me to buy it. There was never this type of annoying add before. It's cluttering my crater and keeps coming up after I click no. Myself as well as others just want to enjoy the game without this dumb add, having it there doesn't tempt us to buy it just makes us frustrated with you people behind the app. If we want to but things we will go to the store and look. Get it together. #wewantcratercraftback #farm&craftsucks



This game gets 5 stars from me thru and thru, but... I have one REQUEST, not complaint. The time for making furniture or the items to put together some of the furniture REALLY NEEDS TO COME DOWN ALOT.... Other than that, couldn’t ask for a better game with AWESOME rewards!