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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Cool app


This game is fun. But it takes patients. It takes a while to design your crater

Game review


I really like this game but needs a serious fix. Game keeps restarting Everytime I try to buy things or put furniture in my nest. Please fix!!!

Love this game.


Really enjoying this game. Spend as much time as you want. Lots to do. Great rewards.

Love hate

yep i got Bieber Fever

I love this game and it is getting better in some ways but worse in others in updates. Worst part is they want everything bought with premium currency that wants REAL money. They need a better way to EARN the ticket things

Starting to get frustrated with the wishing well


Too many items are only found in the wishing well. Losing interest fast.

Update has ruined the game


This is a fun game, but the latest update with he never ending requests to turn on notifications is enough to make me quit. Please turn this off... Still a love/hate with this game. Now with the latest update the constant reloading of game is horrible, horrible horrible.

Best game ever!


Love this game!! Needs more decorations to the island. Also would love to turn things around on the main land. Under the friends list, next to the names should also be a spot to enter their shop without going to their island. Would also love a “wanted” spot so we can post what we are looking for to other players. Few suggestions!

Good with some flaws


Have had this game for about a week now and am enjoying so far but fear I will lose interest soon if certain things don’t change. I love a good town builder crafting game and realize the developers aren’t in the business for free and don’t mind spending money here and there on good games but feel like it would be never ending. Need crater clearer’s to clear new land to build and only get 1 every once in a while and it only clears small things so far from the ones I’ve gotten so have to spend real money to get vouchers to buy ones that clear big obstructions. Then the amount of vouchers you get for the $ is not worth it in my opinion. Also once you put furniture down in your room you cannot pick it back up and sell it. It goes into a different inventory that you will have to spend vouchers on to expand so definitely should have a way to sell items once you drop them in your house. You also have guests that come and stay in your town and you have to decorate those houses, then after they leave you start over redecorating so you lose all that furniture you spent time and resources creating so should give you the option to keep or sell the furniture from the guest houses. If these issues are corrected I can see myself playing this game for quite some time and spending some $ on it but if not I will not continue dropping loads of money into a never ending process. But is a cute concept and hope they make some changes so I can continue enjoying.

Fun and addicting


I love this game. I’ve been playing for a month or so and am having a ball. I wish the game were a little more generous with the bomb bots, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Crater Craft


I love this game but there are a few things I wish that were somewhat easier to do like clearing the rocks & slime . Also it crashes some. I still haven’t been able to get friends from Facebook to work.