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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Good but


The graphics are great and the the beings interesting but I was looking for a more relaxing game and this is certainly not that. There are so many things to do and so many requests at the same time. You have to decide which request to complete first and so forth. However it is not a bad game if you are the type that likes a lot of action then definitely give this game a try. The plants are so easy to plant and you don’t have to worry about what to plant the game takes care of that. You just plant, harvest, collect honey, fill requests and rate other players rooms.


Willie G Bently 247

Love the game but.... you guys should make an option to clear board to reorganize it all cause it’s a pain trying to move stuff around but besides that 10/10

Paris Breeze

Paris Breeze

Really very fun. Hard to put down. 👍

Good concept but...


Ridiculous costs. The area of play you start out with is small, adequate to start but crowded. The clear options are horrible. I have never played a "town building" game that is this bad on expansion. Each tiny square takes a rare cleaner. Sure you can buy with real money, but I won't (even that cost is high compared to other similar games). I spend money on games because I like the gameplay, not because I'm forced if I want to progress at all. I also hate that when I go on a honey hunt I am often thrown to a crater where nothing is planted and the smallest hive there is, I often have to go to 3 or 4 craters to get sufficient available honey. That should be changed that you don't go to one with 100% empty plots. I don't care for the fact I can't plant exactly what I need, it's all random, but I can live with that. I do like that with each completed pallet gains you a helper with options to purchase others. Hopefully some changes for the better will be made before I choose to quit for not being able to progress.

Space Crater


This is pleasantly different farming and building things and the workers are cute little guys. I will see how it goes for awhile but so far it has been fun!

Love this game !!


I absolutely love this game!! I have been playing for about a year and have not spent any real money on this 🤫😉 (Sorry developers 😉). It is a good game for kids and adults alike. You can pick it up and continue on no matter how long you have been away from it. You might get kicked out of your club though. The ONE and ONLY thing I really dislike is the Molten Madness mini-game. I have used up countless lava looking for a hive that has more than 1000 lava to “steal” that it really is a useless mini-game imho. If this is fixed, I will gladly revise my review and give it 5 stars. 😉.


R. Winterburn

Game constantly reboots, saying it’s “unable to connect to server.” Anything you were doing at the time is lost. The last update was 4 months ago, so developers need to take better care of their app.



Spend way too much time on this game. The concept is great however it costs way too much. Many restrictions on this game for you to expand your town. You have too use real money to purchase vouchers and clearers. For years I played another similar game to this game, and I didn't have to spend as much real monies!!! I will no longer spend another $10.



The game in the last two weeks has had severe reloading issues for unknown reasons and unavailable during all hours of the day. It is difficult to stay interested in a game that is unavailable or crashes when it is available. Requires lots of patience. This is sad since I am at level 58 but thinking about quitting if this doesn’t get better.

Constant Reload


Game loses server connection every other minute. Starting to hate the game because of it.