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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Fun game BUT...


The developers of this game keep changing things for the worst. When rating rooms PERFECT score was originally 40 diamonds, then 20 diamonds, now it’s only 15 diamonds. The game also keeps freezing up. Usually you like a game more & more as you keep playing, but this game is going downhill. Very disappointing!

No support

Baby minkes

Extremely expensive. I just tried to clear a slime crater ( level 6) it said the clearers were available in the shop. It costs 20$ to buy the nessesary vouchers I bought the package that includes the level 6 clearer and when I got back it said you don't have this- they are available in the shop. So I bought them again and still no slime bomber. Spent all my money and did not even get the clearer that they said was available. DIRTY TRICKS IN THIS GAME.

Fun game


Love the game and idea of it. Only complaint is when you are in your own house items that you choose take out go in a chest. Wish u had the option to sale them. As you advance u can make more things. Well my decorations and ideas of a room change and don’t need certain items anymore.

Game That Can & Will $ROB$ You Blind Cuz Unique & Cute


I RARELY write reviews! Of course, you will need to judge yourself, I thought this game was darling, cute, original and had a difficult time getting anything else done as I was too focused on this game! I did not feel a sudden pressure to spend “real money” on the game and when it did come time, I did not mind, as I was having so much fun :( There are an ENORMOUS amount of ADS in the game that do NOT go away, even if you make a purchase! They offer these as bait to get things for free, so I did not mind at first and soon found myself OVERLY FRUSTRATED at the length of these ADS that I just began purchasing the GOLD, DIAMONDS, TICKETS, get the quests completed. About the UPDATE, it costs $5.99 and does NOT tell you! If you decide you want to keep playing this game, DO NOT GET THE UPDATE, IT IS NOT WORTH IT, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! Read other reviews if interested. Too lengthy to write on, sorry! Basically, they just give you quests that are impossible as you do not have the resources. It becomes so difficult you end up deleting the game. Many reviews on this. I experienced the UPDATE FIRST HAND AND IT WAS A BIG LET DOWN, I TOO DELETED GAME! :( They claim they are a small company and thank you for your purchases and try to convey that warm “fuzzy” feeling all awhile doing magic cleaning out your wallet!!! I am just trying to give you a FAIR WARNING, we all work hard to support our families and playing a game ought to be just that, a game to have FUN, NO STRESS, especially when you realize you may have spent a total of, well I’m not going to go there, for obvious reasons :) . WOW, lengthy review BUT thanks for reading, BE WISE! Have FUN GAMING!!!

Good game


Great game love playing it but don’t like that you have to spend real money to actually get your crater cleared completely. Fix this and the freezing and I’ll give it more stars.

Hola .


Será que en algún momento lo pondrán en español. Realmente lo estoy esperando.



This game is boring and makes no sense. I have no idea of the goals. It’s not clear how to get crafters.

House furniture


I want to give this game 5 stars, I really do. Can’t remove furniture from hose once it gets put in. This is an issue I think would be nice if changed to give the players the option to remove and replace with new stuff. Please look into adding this option

Love this game


This game is super fun

Yet another addicting game


So far this is a lot of fun!