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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Was fun until updates.


Game was great until new up dates and changed the way you play the game. Don't bother.

Latest update is confusing


The game was fine the way it was then came this recent update: 1. taking away the items made by players that were up for sale using crystals 2. Misleading you into thinking you have the resources to produce an item when you do not. All produceable items now have a misleading arrow. Before if there was no arrow you knew resources were missing and you grew them. 3. For the huts, you are unable to produce items on list because you lack a worker to create them. Before, you were able to purchase these items in the store that other players created with crystals. 4. You are still thrust into Tournaments without the option of not participating. Where are you getting the suggestions for these changes which do not make sense? I cannot see players making these requests which make it harder to play an already challenging game.

Crater Craft


I have spent hours playing this game not to mention hundreds of dollars in real money only to once again be let down , the new changes are ridiculous,you used to get 500 diamonds when you finished a level now only get 50.,several players have told me they hate the new update and plan to delete the game I really hate to after so much time put into it but I can’t seem to get very far ahead now and I don’t plan to spend anymore money trying.

Up date


Can’t get on my game to play u had a update Keeps loading can’t open it



So I am the first one to play this adorable children's game and I honestly think it has its own kinks to it like the raiding costs to much and should lower by 2% cost



Folks, I have loved this game until now, when I am not able to harvest my supersize flower. Please fix this, as I am not able to use all 9 square of soils 😟.

Loved the game until the "super-size" glitch


I loved playing this game until I couldn't harvest my supersize plants. 18 of my soil plots are locked up with no way of recovering it. Tech help on this issue is non existent. Hope it gets fixed soon.



Hello... there is a glitch trying to raid for nectar.. It searches for a place but glitches back to the main game. One of my bees is gone and the 5 nectars were subtracted from my bank. Please looks in it this. It's a fun game and I don't want to stop playing but will have to if it's not working right.

Crater Craft


Really disappointed, wanted to play, downloaded game as it said iPad supported but it does not support iPad mini first generation. Would appreciate it if developers would make it so I could play with first generation iPad mini.

Love it but......


Love the game but it's constantly reloading my crater and I lose what ever progress I made before the reload. Seems like every time I level up I have to go back and earn it all over again (I've even lost things I've paid for). After doing this a few times every night I play it, starting to get frustrated. As much as I like the game, I may move on to something else.