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Crater Craft is free iOS app published by 55pixels Limited

Good game

Sweet southern girl

As games go it’s pretty good. I get frustrated because many of the challenges can be unrealistic. I like town building games and have left and come back to this one a few times. All and all it’s fun.

Good Game, but...


I’m liking this game. Latest update causes constant freezing and I lost the free crafter after completing my crate due to it. The vouchers to get the clearers are too expensive for what you get. I would like to be able to take items out of the houses and redecorate areas with updated items. I’m all for game developers making money for their efforts, but if a game becomes a money grab just to play, I’ll be on to another game. Value for money not feeling like it’s a rip off is good. Fix the freezing please it’s annoying. Your app support link going to a google type location map is just annoying.

Cute game


I’ve noticed that to really get your land clear you have to use real money. I would like to see an easier way to clear the land or earn what you need to do it. Other than that I could really come to love it.

Can’t rate rooms


I love this game! It was so fun when I started playing it. Unfortunately the game wouldn’t let me rate rooms. I tried deleting the app and trying again but that didn’t work.

Love ❤️


I can’t get enough of this game!



When I first began playing, I loved it. Now, they raised the price of vouchers"needed in parts of game" and give less vouchers. When you buy diamonds with vouchers, you get less diamonds using more vouchers. It's addictive, and a money pit. I'm strongly thinking about deleting, unless they change it for the better. Don't waste your money.

Love it


I love this game. I've already turned some my friends onto it

Crater Craft


I absolutely love this game !


Drewdy 1530

I love this game but, I can’t get on it anymore. It says there is an update but it cannot be found anywhere. Could you please check into this. Thank you.

Good game!


I definitely like this game. I play on a regular basis. However, the latest update has taken away the ability to buy room decor. I used that feature a lot. Also, it takes a long time to be able to expand the crater.