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Calling all Master Crafters!
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Games Free 55pixels Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Collect a workforce of crafters to build, trade and raid your way to the top!
Grow luscious plants, harvest precious materials and create beautiful items on a journey to join the ranks of the legendary Master Crafters!

• GROW plants using Nectar to harvest raw materials
• CRAFT beautiful items or even rarer materials
• DECORATE your house and earn precious stars
• COLLECT a workforce of crafters
• CHAT with other players in real-time
• VISIT other players' Craters
• RAID Nectar from neighbouring Craters
• SELL materials and items in a real-time marketplace
• STYLE and customise the look of your character

**NOTE: iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Mini (1st Gen) & iPod Touch (5th Gen) are currently not supported.

PLEASE NOTE! Crater Craft is free to download and play! However, some in-game features can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Players must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Crater Craft without parental consent. Network connection required.

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Yet another addicting game

Game is super fun, but since the last update the ads are very repetitious. Please rotate the ads, I'm so sick of the same ones over and over.

Good game with problems

Unique farm game, they get credit for that. Persistent problems with connection to server. It’s not everyone’s connection lol, they need to upgrade their servers! Why did the name change? Poor choice. Did they sell their troubles to someone else? We all want to know. Why is the Facebook page never updated? Why is there no groups for Facebook or even a wiki page? Hmmm... so the bottom line is enjoy the game while you can and expect to crash. Hopefully we can get updates. Speaking of which they take the game down without notice. Zero communication with their players. Why can’t we grow more of the newest crops? Why do orders need 45 rare crops? Why do the newest items take 12 hrs to make? Why is the balloon impossible to do always! I do enjoy decorating the rooms of the house. Rating rooms by others is fun except for when the game crashes in the middle of it. Nectar huts are fun when you don’t get empty gardens day after day. Why do upgrades take days? Perhaps this is why do many players left the game. Balance is desperately needed. Room challenges are only for the rich in $ because after the first set they want several items you can not make. Must win or buy. When you need 45 of any crop, don’t expect they will show you any at all for sale. Nor will any new ones grow until you have harvest every last one you have and then reboot and clear your browser history. Every pallet will contain two orders for 45 crops and one of your longest to make furniture. Extremely frustrating when anything you need at all is never advertised, so this means the game is rigged against you making your order much longer to fill than should be necessary. The latest problems were emailed to the developer, a secretary said they will forward this information to the code team. Still waiting, nothing fixed or improved. I’m about level 45 and in the league with level 100+ and others over level 60. Needless to say they always win and I loose. Totally unfair because they can do everything better than me. Depressing. Balloons are always too hard, club house impossible to do with trying to fill my orders, members didn’t help so I quit the club. Special rooms, no time for nor is there time to do quest houses . Take your time to do anything other than the pallet and you loose on your league. Do just the pallet and they mix you in with higher levels you loose anyway.


Very fun game so far. I need to get rid weeds. I feel dumb! Hope to learn. Don’t have long.

Fix this!

I enjoy playing this game but I absolutely hate that once you place furniture in your house you can’t pick it up and put it back in the wardrobe to sell instead you have to spend vouchers to make more space for junk you don’t want. I also don’t like that there’s no way to clear your land unless you spend real money it’s insane. Please fix these things.


It’s a fun game but after the first upgrades it gets expensive to do anything. I want to keep playing but it takes to much nectar and other things to keep playing and to long to go play the well game and the others to get what you need so I wish that you would lower the price of things and the time it takes to do what you need to do!

Great game
harpeth 888

So much fun lots to do great game

I really liked this game, but...

This game was really a lot of fun. However, the upgrade is not in your favor. They now ask for items you cannot produce, give you fewer gems for rating rooms, and ask you to build items you don’t have the resources for. I understand they are trying to make money on this game, but they are going to lose a lot of players by doing this. See ya later!

Awesome game, but...

Have had this game for a few weeks and I LOVE it. My main issue is how long it takes to acquire clearing crafters, therefore I cannot clear space to add more buildings, etc. Then when you get correct clearing crafter it only clears one tiny space. I occasionally spend $ on games but to advance in this game you would almost HAVE to spend $. Great game but if something doesn’t change I will unfortunately have to delete it soon. Thank you.

Great game!

This game has been fun from the moment I started playing!!


So many oddball things going on. Much assistance to figure out the experience, but you can also just tap on things to find out what it is and what it is for. Takes a little bit of time to advance and upgrade, but with a little bit of patience you will enjoy the journey!!!