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Can Birds and Gnomes ever live together in peace?!
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These obnoxious gnomes make a good target for the mischievous, high flying birds!

Look out below! There are 3 chances to navigate 1 of 10 different birds in flight over and under obstacles as they try to mark those annoying gnomes. Hit a target, then ring the bell. Succeed on your first try and earn a golden egg.

• 100 levels of exciting bird pranks

• 10 birds to choose from

• a birdhouse to hang out, meet friends and accessorize

* Share your successful pranks with friends on social media and devise new plans on how to get those irritating gnomes.


I'm addicted

It's so hard but I can't put it down.

Dr. Hachi

That bird is hilarious

Addicting and awesome

anyone reading this should just stop and get the game right now. It was kind of hard at first but then I got good and now I can't stop playing...addicted

Awesome Game

Hours of fun for everyone!!

Awesome App

This is a hilariously fun game to play. I love showing off my birds bling from the Birdhouse on social media!

Best new game!
SJEH gamer

This is my favorite new game, it is so funny and challenging.

Awesome game!

Easy and fun to play! ??????????

Great fun!

Perfect for travel. I'm enjoying the challenge of the later levels. Highly recommend.

Cute potty humor
kaolin fire

The intro feels a little buggy, but maybe my timing is off (skip the level preview, then tap (maybe swipe?) to begin). It also throws me for a loop that the egg being dropped doesn't have any forward momentum (my brain is not wired for that!) which makes it a good brain twister. Fun potty humor and challenging reaction-timing puzzles. :)

Cool time killing game

I played up to 6th level. It gets tougher and tougher as the levels improve. Good fun playing this game.

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