CP & IV Calculator for Pokemon GO - ivs rate calc Reviews

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CP & IV Calculator for Pokemon GO - ivs rate calc is free iOS app published by Qinshan Lin

Like it

I am cp3o

Works good

Good app


It's definitely helpful



Solid app to determine whether or not you got lucky with your evolution or not.

Amazing App


Extremely useful



Exactly what I was looking for.

Useful tool

Anita Taiwan

Useful tool but a bit annoying the way AD pop out

Rude app solicitation


Plus: It is a simple app to see evolution and power up possibilities. Well designed UI. Easy to use. Negative: forces you to see ads for other apps and won't release the screen back to the original app. Forced me to go to the App Store to download mahjong and wouldn't release the original app. Conclusion: I will not retain apps that force me to do things I don't want to do. <DELETE>

Too many adds


It does give you a good IV but if your trying to look up many Pokemon at once you get an add in between everyone. It makes checking your IV take way longer. Also there is no way to look at your Pokemon from inside the app. TL:DR there are better apps for IV

Not What It Seems

Mr. Chucket

It's incredibly useful for CP calculation. It advertises being able to calculate IVs, which from my experience with the app, I did not see. I looked through the entire app and couldn't find a single way to check the IVs of a Pokemon. If you're going to advertise something, at least put it in the app please.



It works as expected. The formulas are accurate and the whole things is very easy to use. Great for the serious Pokemon Go players. Not every Pokemon is created equal.

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