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Cowboy Showdown: Arcade Western Shooter

Cowboy Showdown: Arcade Western Shooter is a the free version of Cowboy Showdown Pro. This brand new game for iOS based on the old arcade classics! Shoot the Cowboys that come out before they shoot you! Play through multiple levels, fighting different cowboys using a range of weapons. Simple enough gameplay for casual players yet deep enough for core players!
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Game Features:

* Simple and fluid gameplay - Tap the screen to shoot. Either tap RELOAD or shake your device to reload.

* Multiple Weapons - Get the rifle with more powerful shots, or the awesome chain gun with a ton if bullets before you have to reload.

* Clean fluid and highly polished graphics. Nostalgic arcade graphics for a modern era!

* Go through multiple settings and levels from old towns to saloons!

* Settings: Including the ability to turn off different sounds.

Get your nostalgic fill with the retro gameplay but also experience the fresh graphics and interactive gameplay the iPhone / iPod Touch offers.

 All FREE!


Great game

This game is a classic! It is very challenging, with multiple levels and a nice variety of weapons. Highly recommended!

Awesome game!

Cowboy Showdown gave me a nostalgic fill. It is very interactive and the graphics are great. The gameplay is fluid and there are multiple levels.

Empire Records

This game reminds me of classic arcade games. It's pretty simple, a first person shooter game set in the old west. The backgrounds change as you move through the levels and deal with more opponents. This is a fun game that will draw you in very quickly.

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