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Cowboy Neighbor Redemption

Enjoy the best neighbor style game in the Wild West World! You were sent to a village in the wild west for you to investigate a major bank robbery! Very soon, you began to notice that your new neighbor was behaving suspiciously. You wanted to come to his house and say Hello to him. He was suspicious! He was hiding in his barn. He became the first suspect in this case. You have to reveal his terrible secrets. Explore his huge house without getting caught.
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At first, you have to enter into his amazingly large house, and then perform various investigating missions. Try to figure out an information about this cowboy!. Find the key to all the terrible secrets! If you prove that he is guilty of a robbery, then justice and redemption await him.

One day you discover some changes in the behavior of your neighbor! Often you see strange people on horses with big bags near his house! You can not stay away - you need to get into the cowboy’s house and find out what's going on in this neighborhood! However, this will not be so easy!
Search and use of useful items and food. Find matches, a gun, keys - all this will be very useful to you in the mystic western house of the cowboy!


• 10 different languages : English, Spanish, German, Italian ,Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and French!

• Amazing Gameplay! Eat food like chicken or cheese to recover your stamina, run from the cowboy, throw objects to stun the neighbour , break glass, hide under beds!

• Smooth and Easy Controls! Change the control between the joystick and the Swipe. Adjust the sensitivity as convenient for you! Change the volume of sounds and music, language in settings.

• High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of Wild Western Atmosphere Game and You will feel the cowboy’s presence everywhere!

• Amazing environments. Explore this huge wild west style village and house of the neighbor, and try to get known in all his secrets!


UtahIsAwsome AND So Is WYOMING

Love this game it's one of the best games I've ever played

Cowboy neighbor redemption

The game is my favorite out of all my games.I got my friends to like it to.

One problem, crazy goal, but not bad

I wish you can add a ghost mode to the game so I cannot be caught. When I was reading the second objective, I was like: “Now we gotta TAKE HIS DIARY? EXCUSE ME!?” If you are addicted to this game (which I am), DON’T YOU DARE DELETE THIS! IT IS NOWHERE NEAR TRASH! IF IT WAS, I WOULD HAVE GAVE IT 1 STAR! (Just a quick Caps lock break) However, I experienced some funny moments that I’m sure u don’t mind. Like I got caught behind a cactus. If u fix the cactus thing, (no offense) it’ll be unnecessary. Anyway, don’t delete the game. And whoever but the creators read this, trust me. But be careful not to be mad at the ads. I am, but not that big of a deal. ESPECIALLY, when even GameVentor needs to make money just like YouTube.

Yeah nice try with the fake reviews

We all know you make fake reviews on your games to get downloads

Rip off from hello neighbor

It’s an rip off lots of ads to many glitches

No problems it’s fun :)
Anna 😜😜😜😜

I play this all the time with my friends I found the key and help them but I can’t find the diary and that’s the fun part. I love the details and the game please don’t delete it it’s the best game.

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