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“It would be criminal to pass up the chance to post bail for this arresting blend of platforming and racing.” – PocketGamer, Gold Award
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Games $4.99 Glu Games Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

It’s the cops, RUN! Evade the fuzz with freestylin’ acrobatic moves. Being a criminal has never been this fun!


"I think it's one of the best game apps!" 

"Awesome game! Worth everything every bit of the game is fun!" 

"A really cool game. Probably the best cops and robbers game out there." 

It’s the cops, RUN!!! Evade the fuzz with freestylin’ acrobatic running moves as you swing on flagpoles, grind down railways, and jump over obstacles. Being a criminal has never been this fun!

✓Run and rob your way through a beautiful city filled with back alleys, high rise rooftops, and other dangerous environments

✓Complete 9 unique levels, each with 3 challenges: Grab all the loot, Steal the diamond, Evade the cops before time runs out!

✓Find the most direct path to escape the cops by pulling off well-timed acrobatic running moves

✓After you beat each level play as the policeman and try to catch the ghost of your former criminal self.

✓Change the appearance of the playable male and female robbers.

✓Steal the diamond by cracking the safe in a lock-picking mini-game.


Pocket Gamer Gold Award:
"It would be criminal to pass up the chance to post bail for this arresting blend of platforming and racing"
- Pocket Gamer

“One of the more originals we’ve seen from glu and has good potential.“
- 148apps

“A very clever mechanic that ensures replayability.”
- Touch Arcade

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I love this game but I can’t play it because it is not compatible with iOS 11 and its killings me so please update I love game

Bring back cops and robbers!

You need to work with ios 11! Please i love this game ALOT R.I.P 2008-2017

Pay back my 2.99$
Son na rae

it is free but I purchase 2.99$ now So please pay back my money $2.99

Worth it!

Out of all the free apps in the world this Is my favorite!

It Lags on a 2G iTouch Badly

This game works very well and is pretty fun on an iPad and I can imagine it would work well on a 3G, but on my 2G iTouch, the game lags very very badly and the frame rate has dropped from great to terrible. I say that if you have an iPhone, an iPad, or a 4G iTouch this game works well and you might like to try it.

Could be great

I love the idea and the graphics are decent but it needs some work. Taps EXTREMELY unresponsive and the pole twirl needs some fine tuning but other than that, pretty good.

i want my MONEY BACK!

this time im not joking! you've gave us bad games before, but this is unexeptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Hektic hec

The game worked great at first and I enjoyed playing...but now it is just plain horrible lags frame rate is worse....since the last update the game is worthless please fix so I can finish plAying and other people can have a chance to play and I'll gladly change the rating.

So gay diamonds

Wth you need diamonds to compete a level and if you die you lose the diamond so not worth it

Cops and robbers

This app is horrible it does not work right and is NOT worth 99€ I hate it so much. When u try 2 jump on the pipes it does not work and I have 2 pound my iPod and it still doesn't work even when I try 2 jump it doesn't work do not get this piece of garbage app unless they fix it .