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Cool Comment.s Free is free iOS app published by Daneco Ltd.



Just great


Izzy game nerd

All I can say is get this app. Some things are locked but by reviewing a positive review you unlock new ones

So nice !!!


Just great app and I love so much !!



awesomee to me

ꉓꂦꂦ꒒ ꎇꂦꈤ꓄ꌗ

The Font Master

4 ꌗ꓄ꍏꋪꌗ ꌃꀎ꓄ 5 ꅏꃅꍟꈤ ꓄ꃅꍟꌩ ꀎꈤ꒒ꂦꉓꀘ ꌗꂦꎭꍟ ꎭꂦꋪꍟ ꎇꂦꈤ꓄ꌗ..ꈤꂦ ᖘꋪꂦꌃ꒒ꍟꎭꌗ ꓄ꃅꍟ..ᐯꍟꋪꌩ ꉓꂦꂦ꒒ ꍏᖘᖘ

Free fonts


Please make hashtag, go pro bro, beautiful, fly high, over it free <3



There are so many cool fonts and the great part of this app is that it connects the app to your messages and other apps. This is very helpful when you need to make a comment or a cool message and show off to your friends! I would totally recommend you to get this app!


Nawal Elhage

I want the go pro bro font please. This app is amazing ❤️

App I would like to see free in Upgrade


My vote is for the font Swag Type to be one of the 5 unlocked fonts available in your upgrade.



You guys are the best no lie there's so many great fonts but... Is hold add way more great fonts like... Disney fonts Doodle fonts Cartoon fonts Etc. You should leave captain caption free and. Famous