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"These fonts are the best. Period."

From the creators of the wildly popular app 'Better Fonts,' with over 2.8 Million users, comes a curated list of ONLY the best text fonts available...

Welcome to 'Cool Comments.'

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- Add unique comments, tweets & shares in ALL of your social media accounts
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*And please remember, your words have power... use them for GOOD!*

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And remember, we are here 24/7 for any support issue. Simply email berza[email protected] and we'll get back to you asap.

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The Berzapp Lab Team



Awesome I love it! I can update my instagram with this thank you!


I like it! Plus it came out on my bday!


I love this app so much! They are so many more fonts to choose from. ?

Carlson habhh

this app is cool ahah

Absolutely Amazing!
Swi Swi

This app is just outright awesome!


Same EXACT fonts as the app "Better Fonts" with different names.

Love this app so cool
Cutie funny

So so cool cool

Nah ?
Faithes H

Basically the same thing as the "better fonts" app with most of the fonts locked. What's the point of creating another app just with the same fonts locked? The only difference is the name of the fonts and the green colored background.

Same thing.

Liars. I'm deleting cool fonts and this. Don't get it. Only morons would get this junk. No offense but they are tricking u!


I think it is a amazing app for different fonts and writings. I think this app is good for early teenagers and teenagers!!?