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Conjugate Method - Periodization Powerlifting

Few powerlifting programs have produced legendary strength gains like the Conjugate Method. One of the most popular strength programs in the word, the Conjugate Method was popularized for powerlifting by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell.
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This app is perfect for beginner to advanced athletes looking to perform the classic 16 Week Conjugate Method program with 4 training days per week.

The program is structured as follows:

Monday: Max Effort Lower

Exercises similar to the squat or deadlift up to a 1-3 rep max. Exercises include various forms of the box squat, rack pull, deficit deadlift, and goodmornings, performed at a 1-3 rep max. This movement is usually rotated each week.

Wednesday: Max Effort Upper

Exercises similar to the bench press, up to a 1-3 rep max. Exercises include various forms of the board press, floor press, close grip bench press and rack press, performed at a 1-3 rep max. This movement is usually rotated each week.

Friday: Speed Squat

Speed squat days use wide stance box squats in order to train siting back in the squat and fully recruiting the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Box squats also build strength out of the hole and assure that squatting depth is reached. The weight is kept at around 50% (varied from 45% - 55% over 3 weeks). Lifters commonly use bands/chains for accommodating resistance on this day.

Sunday: Speed Bench

The Speed Bench days are done with a close grip touch-and-go style (no bounce). Like the speed squats, the weight is kept at 50% and can be varied over 3 weeks.

Please note: There are endless ways to run a conjugate periodization cycle. The exercise selections in this app are completely customizable. If you have specific needs you can base the program around the exercises you configure. This app is not connected to Westside Barbell or Louie Simmons and may deviate from information found elsewhere.


westside conjugate

Need to able to to change the day of the week/ workout. For example it has you ME sq on Monday. Maybe Monday is a bad day for that and I want to change it to Tuesday’s. Although I can change the date it is on a Monday ( even if it was done on a Wednesday?

Needs work

Although this app offers a 16 week (4 blocks) program, it seems to be missing a lot. For instance, we should be able to check the equipment we have then have the program based around those tools. Examples would be different bars available, access to bands and chains, as well as assistance equipment like Glute Ham Developers, back extension machine, reverse hypers, hip/ab developer etc. Another option would be would be to choose what movement we want to do and work up to a heavy triple then a heavy single. Then we should be able to choose our assistance work based on our weaknesses. That's the whole point of the conjugate method: strengthening weaknesses. If we don't address those we'll never get stronger. Looking forward to updates for this app, but for now, I'll stick to writing in my notebook.

Good, but a lot of crashes

Usually crashes 3-4 times per session. This is for the paid version. Disappointing.