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Communicator by TEC Flex

With TEC Flex Communicator, you can take control of your home or office telephony services from anywhere.
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Utilities Free Telephone Electronics Corp iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Make and receive calls over WiFi/3G using your landline number
• Move calls between your landline, mobile and tablet devices, without hanging up
• Make calls from any phone using your landline caller ID
• Receive new voicemail alerts
• Playback voicemails and view faxes
• Control how incoming calls are handled
• Sync your TEC Flex contacts across devices

NOTE: TEC may not offer all features listed or may require you to pay additional subscription charges to access certain features. Contact TEC for information. TEC Flex Communicator also requires 3G/4G or WiFi access. Use of these services may incur additional charges.


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