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The governments of the world have fallen, leaving scattered armies, vicious warlords, and a terrified populace in their wake. Can you return order to a world torn apart by war?
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Games Free Ember Entertainment, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Take command of your City and rebuild your military might. Harvest resources, train your troops, and research powerful technologies to advance your cause. Form alliances with other live players and do battle to dominate the globe. The entire Earth is available for you to fight and scheme your way to victory!

Commanders is an exciting combination of base-building and near-future military combat with thousands of other live players. Forge alliances and climb the leaderboards to claim your spot as the ultimate Commander of the world!


Was sure I was going to like it
Catawba Claw

In games like this you expect to battle people who have access to the same units and at roughly the same level also when you press battle would expect one in under five minutes now that’s a stretch because less than one minute would be the norm. So as a beginner I don’t have access to planes it was surprising that everyone I’ve played and everyone is not an exaggeration meaning most players it actually means in every match they have had planes. As I am new I’m not as familiar with the hit points or level of my buildings but I believe the hit points are around 600 and level is 3. I’ve faced level 6 players that have bunkers at 1100 might below 1100 but at least 1000. If you have to buy things right away that’s fine just don’t act like the game can be played by everyone and I would think the more low hanging fruit for your big spenders would be good if for nothing else to build numbers so the people who want to play don’t have to wait long for a battle. This seems to be the way of things as I’m finding it harder to find a game that you don’t have to spend money just to learn to play. And I’m sure this is the idea behind the arcade game give people nothing for nothing then if they have to spend have them spend money on are new arcade.

Game broken and no one cares

I been emailing them multiple times to fix my issues I was one of those dumb @55es that spent a ton of money on this game n still do up into this point. They won’t fix my issues they won’t reply back to emails. What a waste of time and money, don’t buy nothing from this company cuz if something goes wrong they ain’t going to help you

Overall it’s pretty good

It could definitely use some updates and minor tweaks, but overall it’s pretty good. Doesn’t seem to just be a remade cash grab game

Don't play!

This game is borderline at best. The only quality is the people you meet. Ember is a joke and could care less about the consumer. You have to pay REAL $ and i mean avg. 5k$!!To be in the Billion power range, cause ther are folks in there at up to 8Billion who will roll easy targets like you. When you realize you can't outspend everyone you'll be in too deep. If you wanna log on n kill time at work, well this game is not even good for that. Builds n research go into WEEKS 9+, So you have nothing to do, unless you $$. Online poker is a better option. Now move along!! I played 3 years without spending 1$ and made it to 100 million power 3 years. 100 million is NOTHING!!

Blood ops

Too similar to “Empire Z” only without the zombie theme. This game needs more work and features. You would think they would add more updates after years of being away. I checked to see if any change happened, to my disappointment nothing has changed

MIA Support!

There is NO Update for this Game, NOT even 1/2 of the options offered in Empire Z. Don't waste your time or $ on this game! EMBER you are responsible for killing this game!

MIA Support!

There is NO Update for this Game, NOT even 1/2 of the options offered in Empire Z. Don't waste your time or $ on this game! EMBER you are responsible for killing this game!


This game needs an upgrade and new features... Great game but, ember has neglected us for too long... bored AF...

Update this crap
T-Bizz from NMP R3

Don’t waste your money and time on a game the never gets any updates or new stuff and always crashing smh ember

Unable to access game and loading issues.

Game loads but screen is dark and there is no functionality. This game always seems to have some issue with loading or like now you can see your base but cannot select anything. This is not the first time this has happened to this game.