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Coloring Smart - Fun and Education for Kids

Not like existing programs, "Coloring Smart" is perfectly suited for your child to improve in various skills.
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Education $2.99 Thematic Media GmbH iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your child will love to color entire 36 beautiful drawings in 3 different game modes:
✽ teaching numbers
✽ teaching shape recognition
✽ teaching mental calculation

Kids love coloring. So why not excite your little ones with a positive and creative mobile app? The friendly and intuitive touch interface is easy to use by all ages, in any language. Tested by kids, approved by parents.

Why will kids love this app?
✔ Cute and fanciful images to enrich a child’s imagination.
✔ Choose from a total of 36 images in 6 exciting categories.
✔ Discover hidden pictures by playing.
✔ Change colors with a finger touch.

Why will parents love this app?
✔ Kids can spend hours coloring and enjoying themselves.
✔ Kids will improve their hand-to-eye coordination.
✔ Kids will learn to recognize animals, birds, and many other things from the pictures provided.
✔ Kids will develop basic mathematical and geometrical skills by playing.
✔ Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting.
✔ Kids will do their first steps in the digital world within a controlled setting: no colors spilled on the floor or stained walls any more :-)

✔ 36 beautiful colorful illustrations in 6 categories included!
✔ Categories: Nature, Animals, Transport, People, Fairy Tale and Seasons.
✔ Intuitive interface that has been tested and refined with children of many ages.
✔ Best for kids between 3-8 years.
✔ Wonderful music and atmospheric sounds enhance the experience.
✔ No more frustrating finger-painting: just touch an area to fill it with color.
✔ Touch locator improves touch accuracy.
✔ Supports all devices: iPad 1 and 2, new iPad with Retina, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 with HD, iPhone 5, iPod Touch
✔ No banner advertising

This game is part of our "Learning is fun" educational game collection. Visit our website to get more information:


Color smart


Very disappointed

This application is for people who are not interested in seeing a representation of our multicultural society. You can't color the people, they are already colored a nice peach. I wish I had known this before I made the purchase and I would not have bought the app. Thanks!

Great app!

Add more pictures please!


Well done, smooth and colorful app. Kids want more pictures and perhaps ABC levels. Very entertaining while little toddlers learn to match the patterns and numbers. Worth the purchase. ThankYou!

Doesn't work...
Doesn't work...

I just bought this app and it doesn't work at all. When I open it there are white and black boxes that should not be there. I can choose a picture but none of them will open. I just get a big white box and I can't do anything. I have to close the app to even get back to the main screen to try to choose another picture. NOT happy that I just spent money on an app that is unusable.

Does not work!

Do not download this app unless you want to lose $2.99. Does not properly load. My daughter was frustrated and disappointed. So irritating.

Thanks for the Update

This app is a wonderful learning app for various ages, so glad it now works again.

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