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Coloring Shapes for Kids is a charming an educational FREE coloring book app that will amuse your kids while also giving them a head start on their early geometry skills. All the basic shapes, square through triangle, are featured here in wacky scenes that will keep kids entertained for hours.
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•?? fun pictures to color
•Teaches children about shapes, a fundamental concept in education
•5 basic colors that can be mixed to create new colors
•Stimulates creativity and teaches about boundaries
•Exercises touchscreen skills

Everything is Made Up of Shapes!
Parents, did you know that children have an inborn ability to understand shapes? Even babies recognize mathematical concepts like shapes long before they learn to add, subtract, or count. In fact, shapes lay the foundation for future learning in math, geometry, physics, and even calculus. By playing with shapes and colors kids begin to understand how to describe an object and categorize it by its similarities or differences. After all, everything is made up of shapes!

Kick-start Your Kids’ Early Childhood Education
Parents want their kids to get a head start on their education, and kids just want to have fun. Coloring Shapes for Kids does both! Kids are easily fascinated by coloring, which occupies their attention and relieves stress. Coloring stimulates their imagination and gives them a goal to work towards to gain a sense of accomplishment and a boost of confidence.
At the same time, kids are learning about shapes, which is sets the foundation for reading and math. Children who start school with a grasp on shapes find school less confusing and less panic and self-doubt. Kids who start school knowing their shapes are already ahead of the curve, and are likely to continue to stay ahead through their early childhood education.
Coloring for Fun and Fundamentals
In Coloring Shapes for Kids, children can enjoy experimenting and playing with mixing colors to make new colors. By better understanding the makeup of colors, children are better prepared to understand the full spectrum of the color wheel as they get older.
Teaching Children to use Touchscreen Devices
Also, by using a touchscreen device at a young age, children are better prepared to understand how to operate tablet and touchscreen interfaces as they get older. This is an especially important skill as these devices are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives.

As parents, we’ve all been there… your child has created a work of art and you would love to proudly display it on Facebook or simply send copies to family. This is of course difficult without getting the camera, scanner or photocopier out! once your child has created their masterpiece, at the click of a button, you can share it with friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, email, or simply save a snapshot to your device.

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