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Coloring Games for Kids 2-6!

A fantastic coloring app with hundreds of coloring pages to keep kids busy for hours with a creative activity. Learning with fun. Their finger is the paintbrush. Perfect for kids between 3-8 years.
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Education Free IDZ Digital Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

New Section: Nursery Rhymes Coloring
Kids can listen to 18 very popular nursery rhymes and also color characters from the nursery rhymes. The colored images come alive in the nursery rhyme with sound, music and animation. 3 rhymes are free.

* Totally Free to try out.

Why kids will love this app?
- Cute and attractive images to keep a child hooked.
- 11 categories and 200 images to choose from.
- 18 songs in Nursery Rhymes coloring. With music and animation.
- Change colors with a finger touch.
- Ability to save completed pictures.

Why parents will love this app?
- Kids will be busy for hours coloring and enjoying themselves.
- Kids will learn to recognize animals, birds, and many other things from the pictures and names provided.
- Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting. Who knows, your kid may turn out to be a born artist.

Categories in Coloring for Kids:
Nature, Insects, Animals, Birds, Transport, People, Fantasy, Sea Life, Kids Stuff, Food and Teddy Bears.
(first 2 sections free. Other 9 available via an in-app purchase)

In Nursery Rhymes Coloring, 3 rhymes are free and remaining 15 can be purchased via a separate in-app purchase.


how free!?

how free!?

This no free

When u try to open any draw are lock n need pay 2 bucks for unlock

coloring for kids
wajd aljanabi

i dont like it its boring

Greate app
Ana 555

Very nice


One of the best kids coloring I've purchased! It's totally worth the 2 dollars to unlock all the pictures. My 2year old loves all the pictures and recognizes them easy!

Love it fun
Lambert not my real name

It's so fun for kids I live it because its not to easy and wide pictures it's nice and small and really hard some pictures I live it you need to get it it's really not boaring yet I love it

Not that free and can't use iTunes to pay!

Disappointed I can't use my iTunes gift cards for this. They require separate credit card verification. No thanks.

Not free!!!!!

Not free. You need to buy in app. Terrible trick!


Might as well pay $1.99 for it. Forget listing it as free! You only get 2 packs of coloring and then you have to pay 2 dollars for the rest. But, if you are willing to pay 2 bucks, then it's a great app. If not, don't even waste your time downloading.

Can't color in the lines!

I can't even color in the lines!I just made a circle and it made a line!don't buy it!