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Paint by number games are viral right now? Join our free pixel art number coloring game and access huge puzzles collection, no subscription needed! Daily updates!
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Games Free Danylo Herasymovych iPhone, iPad, iPod

We have more than 30 unique categories and add new ones every day; we also add new pictures to each group. We have tons of art with different complexity. So no matter you are a kid or adult you will find something to draw.

Why choose our app?
- Thousands of free images;
- Import your pictures;
- Easy and complex puzzles;
- Share video;
- Quickly navigate to the photos you have already colored;
- And much more!

Get this app now, and you won't regret it, have a beautiful day!



Would have given a great rating but my frustration level is high. The ads are annoying and there’s no option to get rid of them. There looks like there should be sound, but there is no sound and no menu with options. So if there’s not immediate improvement I’ll move on. If there is, I’ll change my opinion and my rating/review.

Best one yet so far
Darcie Genito

Great app and finally one where you don’t have to subscribe! I like the selections so far.

Not That Good

I played and got rid of it because I could barely even touch anything and it ended up all messy.πŸ˜•πŸ™

Numbers reappearing

I don’t like that I can’t color over the already colored boxes without the number of that box reappearing

Has potential

I would have given this app a better rating if it didn’t keep crashing. I enjoy the selection of pictures and the fact that you don’t have to subscribe. I don’t really mind the ads but half the time when I try to go into a picture it doesn’t show the numbers or it’s just crashes completely. If you can get that fixed then I will be glad to give it a better rating.

Ok so far but needs improvement
Kindle Lover

No menu. No way to turn off ads if desired. When I click on images in finished folder, the app closes. I would like to be able to view my pictures once I have completed them.

doesn’t save

have to start over whenever i exit the app.

Very relaxing

I enjoy doing this, very relaxingπŸ˜ƒ Just a suggestion to maybe have more detailed pictures


I really am likening all the pictures but my imported pictures is something for my family and friends and every time I import a photo it turns up to be white and gray and black without the actual colors that photo has is it suppose to be that way or can I do something to change that.

It was ok

The all its self is good but the pictures are to much there should be small pictures and big pictures just saying