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Coin Toss Game

Challenge your friends to a game on your iPhone that will keep them guessing who will win!
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This classic game is fresh and back with a new spin.
Set the score you will reach that will end the competition, and play the coin toss game.
It's time to flip the coin and declare heads or tails.
Let's get started!

• 3D Coin Animation
• Random Coin flip
• Tap, Flick, or Shake to Toss the Coin
• Game Mode: Whoever reaches the score set at the start of the game wins!


Classic Fun
Tim DeTellis

This makes tossing a coin super fun anywhere and anytime. Plus I like the score keeping in the game.

Fun Game!

A new twist on an old game. Love the score keeping. Kids love it. Lots of fun!!!

Coin toss

This is a fun game for all ages!

I Love It

I'm happy to have made the choice to buy this app. My co-workers are going to love it when it becomes decision making time. I like the coin animation.

Fun To Play
SRaley DeTellis

Never have to worry about finding a quarter.

Coin toss
The star 1978

I like this game it's fun oh yeah


Great app! Very simple, yet fun. Perfect for making quick decisions, or to play short game with a friend.

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