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Entertainment Free CODE GROUP, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The CODE GROUP App represents the culmination of a lifetime of fishing. From pinhead to professional, this app has everything you’ll ever need to be more successful on the water. From real time buoy weather, wind, sea condition reports and forecasts; to SST, chlorophyll and plankton charts, all with GPS overlays.

Create your own personal profile and follow your friends, top sport boats, Captains and guides with access to the entire sport fishing community. You can choose to share your photos, techniques, tips, catch positions and fishing locations with the community or keep your secret spots and hot bites to yourself. It’s all totally up to you. Filter by species, location, boat, Captain, landing, or code group, you get only the information you want, when you want it.

Up to the minute fish reports, dock totals and bite trending charts all with pin point accuracy over tides and moon phases. Live reports from light boats, bait haulers and receivers. Book reservations from half-day and long-range, to exotic destinations around the world. The app puts it all in the palm of your hand. All while having access to unlimited digital content covering everything from the basics, to finding and tracking salinity canyons… anywhere, anytime, and it’s all for free.


Best fishing app ever!!
Max Dickenson

Best fishing app ever

Cool new app!
Fishing fun now

This app is packed with great stuff for the fisherman!


Best fishing app out there!!!

Fishermans dream!

Will be using this during the summer! Love the layout

Nothing Much of Value

This is a pretty horribly designed app, it basically is loading a normal webpage inside of the app. The back buttons completely clear you out of what you were in and force you to start over. There are website dropdowns inside of the app. The 'Wall' where all the 'dope' is supposed to be essentially is just full of people joining the site at this point. There is no way to filter out just the fish reports or dope. Great idea, I just don't forsee all the hardcore fisherman giving out their 'dope' to the 'code group' full of thousands of people they don't know. A code group is supposed to be a small group of friends who share fairly private and secret info about the recent bite. The key is keeping the group small so you don't go out the next day and find 150 boats on your spot where you caught 5 huge tanker seabass the night before. Lots of hype on this app, we'll see how it goes!

Love this app

This is an awesome app. A new tool that will change how and where we fish. I love that I can share information with a select group of people that I choose. Having all of the extra tools to look at weather, water temps, currents, tides, fish counts, etc. in one place makes it so much easier than having to go to several different websites. I'm looking forward to putting it to good use this season!

Most comprehensive fishing tool I've ever seen
Max Dickenson

Can't wait till they start biting full speed! cool

Cant wait till the season gets going

Can't wait to start using this app!!!

Admittedly I'm not much of a fisher but I have friends who will invite me out from time to time. I decided to search for a fishing app to try and help me look like I know what I'm doing when I stumbled upon this app. There is so much helpful and useful information that it can almost be overwhelming. I'm very much looking forward to being invited out to fish again so I can put this app to use. Thank you to the developers for making this available for free so people like me can learn about and enjoy fishing.


Love this. Another win for the sport fishing world. This is a huge win for everyone. Just love it!!!

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