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Code Editor by Panic is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.



This app is clearly for the experienced developer. Many of them due to me being a newbie, I could overlook. But the base operation, file navigation is convoluted and difficult. It’s shocking I spent $25 dollars and it get’s something wrong that nearly every coding app on the App Store gets right. Save your money.

Crashes Regularly when closing files

Commish Gordon

I thought the higher price would mean this app would have some more polish to it. Sure, its got some nice features that are uncommon in the other coding apps, but all around it just feels clunky and difficult to use. Not to mention that Im constantly encountering crashes from basic actions, like opening/closing a document which continue to happen until I open or make a new document then close the original one. It also tends to crash when using safari to preview my html files, one of the main reasons I bought this app in the first place. Further more, many of the options one might find in free desktop editors, like moving lines up or down, fold code blocks/elements, surround selected type with quotes are completely missing from this. Its just kind of limited and difficult to use for a premium 20$ app that I dont think Ill be able to make part of my workflow.

I can't get my refund


I didn't enjoy this app. I had a terrible experience. Apple won't get my refund and I'm a college student who needs every little man money possible. It should have a free trial before I wasted my money. I just hope I get my refund,.

Works great


I am enrolled in a college course for web design and needed an iPad app that could handle html5 and css, wysiwyg and file management. This fits the bill, offers code suggestions and the wysiwyg is great! After many app trials and searching, I found that this app is worth the cost. I recommend it.

Great app, but a couple of bugs.


I want to start off by saying that this is a great app. The code editor works great, and it’s wonderful to use with a keyboard. The reason I docked a star is that for a $25 professional app, it should be virtually bug-free. Whenever I try to close a tab in the file manager on a SFTP connection, the app crashes and sometimes my work does not get saved. Please fix this! If I can’t close tabs it makes it really hard to work on a project because I can’t close tabs that I don’t need anymore.

Beyond my expectations


I’m only just learning html, css, js and the like but for my needs this app is more than I thought possible for iPadOS. I was a bit cautious at first given the price and the fact that I had no way to test before buying but ultimately I’m more than happy with my purchase. An incredible effort.

Not supporting modern iOS features


This app does not support modern file management features of iOS. You can’t open a folder located in another app such as Working Copy and work on the files in place. It doesn’t even have a file picker to work on a single file. (or I can’t find it). This price tag needs much more attention.

A great editor with terrible file management


The editor itself is very useful and has great options. It's easy to navigate and gets the job done great. The included FTP options are very convenient and work really well. Unfortunately, this app falls flat when it comes to file management. Despite iOS having a baked in files option for quite some time now, this app continues to not support it. As such, your files are basically locked away within the app, and you can't edit files elsewhere on the iPad. You can import from iCloud, but then if you want the file to be back on the iCloud, it's incredibly cumbersome to do so. Basically, once Files support is added, this will become a 5-Star app.

App doesn’t support any language well


This app claims that it supports Typescript, highlighting, etc. It highlights text in a wrong way. Even in HTML. This app doesn’t support autocomplete for Typescript at all and JavaScript properly. This app doesn’t support searching of all files in project. It search only within one specific folder. This app doesn’t support referencing the functions being used inside the same file or in different files. When you close the app. It automatically closes the terminal sessions that has been run on ssh. This app is not worth of 25$. When I requested to refund me they told that my refund reason doesn’t meet the requirements for refund. So be aware. If you purchase it. It is forever. No refund. No any responsibility from developer.

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