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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Superb tool - powerful and gorgeous

Mike Bradshaw (bmike)

This tool let's my iPhone and iPad level up and in many cases do what I normally needed my mac to do. Very powerful, very well-designed, professional software tools well worth the price. With update after update, it keeps getting better.

Great app


This is an amazing app. Because of it I can get a lot of work done that I couldn't before on my iPad. Feature request: Could you please add syntax highlighting for other languages, like R, Latex, and Matlab?

Desktop replacement


Amazing app. With its built in terminal and FTP client this app has helped me to replace my laptop for most of most of my programming. I use the terminal to connect to my Linux server where I am able to edit all my docs through Coda and run my compile server side. Really impressed by my productivity on Coda