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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.



I do a lot of web development and recently decided to switch to the iPad Pro and smart keyboard for my full time use coding (and other things). The Pro is great, but there is a shortage of good full featured pro apps to take advantage of it. Coda 2 is definitely one of the best apps for the iPad pro, period. It's also very nice on my iPhone. Not only does it feel like "pro" software, but it also covers up some of the short comings of IOS allowing me to do "real" work comfortably. Long story short, I love Coda 2! Just buy it!

puts the pro in ipad pro


this is one of the few pieces of software ive seen in the appstore that is truly professional. I use it on my ipad pro with impactJS to code little games while im away from my big work computer. i love it.

Great platform, BUT!


No results bar/tab for iOS development. The app allows you to code swift with amazing fluidity but unfortunately it cannot preview your code. On July 16th, 2015 they have stated that they hope to add preview support for more languages in the future. So I certainly hope to see this being developed in the near future. Unfortunately my $10 will be put to use once that is released. Make sure to visit the FAQ and not stick to what you see on the app description as it is not necessarily 100% true.

No Dropbox Support


At one point in time Coda was the only editor I would use on my iPad because it supported Dropbox. Unfortunately they have taken this away and I can no longer use it to edit the swift files in my various projects.

Barely functional


Be aware, this is neither an IDE nor a professional tool by any stretch. You can connect to servers, edit files, and there's a built-in ssh terminal. That's it. There's no way to search all the files in a local project, no way to find function/class usages, no way to go to a function/class declaration, no way to debug (remote or otherwise), no database integration... Functionally, this has almost nothing in common with the desktop version of Coda, let alone an actual, professional tool like, for instance, IntelliJ or PhpStorm. Until Coda (or Textastic, Coda's closest competitor) gets some of these features... project-wide file search at the very least, anything remotely resembling professional web development simply won't be possible on iPad.

Keeps crashing

It looks and feels nice,good functionality. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't crashing every 5 minutes... Yes, it just freezes and I have to close it and open it again. I had it for 48 hours now, but if no fix is available soon I will keep using Codeanywhere.

Pretty Good


I am hugely impressed. This application works so well and the built in goodies like the console and FTP client are awesome. What is missing though is version control. Currently you are able to connect to where your files are hosted and pull them down locally. You may then edit them but you aren't able to push them into version control. This isn't cool because it breaks the development chain. This app will become super duper awesome once version control makes its way in. Eagerly waiting.



It takes a few minutes to figure out the UI. After that, this app is wonderful. The terminal works well, and the editor is great. Thanks, Panic!

Buggy, Crashed in first 10 minutes

Ted Man

I am using an iPad Mini 2 and have used the app for under thirty minutes and have already seen the app freeze once and crash once. Maybe this is an iPad Mini specific problem? Also, the themes do not work properly when editing text which is pretty distracting.

So delicious.

David Steven K

Do you love your tools? Because if you get Coda, you will love your tools.