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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Good editor still has bugs


Overall this is a pretty good on the go editor to stay productive on your project or your customers project. Bugs: Some of the crashing has been fixed which was the biggest pain. Syntax highlighting will break periodically requiring you to close the page and re open it to fix the highlighting. This happens when editing any language in the program that I've seen. I would still recommend this, as I use this on my laptop as well and it's well worth it buying every time. Bugs are going to happen. **** UPDATE****** This app crashes too much to be productive. Not a good companion.

Crashes too much to be worth it


I'm a big fan of desktop Coda, but this iOS version has crashed every time I enter more than one line of code. For the price that Panic is charging for this piece of software, it should be far more reliable than it actually is. I'm disappointed, because the desktop version I've been using for the past four years has been rock solid.

Great app and a great utility


What an amazing world we live in. Just a few short years ago setting up a website was a magnificent pain in the you know what. Yesterday on a whim I registered a domain, as well as hosting for it for three months to try it out, and in moments was up and running. I wanted an app that would allow me to edit, export upload and synchronize my website documents in multiple formats, as well as text all on my iPad Pro, and Coda did it all. Entered my settings and I'm live editing on the server! sending hello's to my girlfriend in real time on my new index.html. A new world needs new apps and panic delivers.

A review


Latest update keeps crashing. Uncomfortable UI (actual writing is fun, but to get there is a *****) NO DROPBOX SUPPORT annnnddd the rest is great. But it's hardly usable in this update. Air 2, 9.1.

Web Development Essential


Despite the fact that I downloaded this app just a week after they changed the price from free to $9.99, I do not regret buying this as all. It is by far the best IDE for web development on the App Store, even better than many desktop applications.

Quite good


I use it to update my site when I am out and about, it's great!

Almost great!


I love the idea of this app. It has nice features but it consistently freezes right in the middle of coding. Frustrating! Also, the live reload in split screen does not auto reload as indicated in the documentation.

Buy it


If you're a web developer and have an iPad, buy Coda now. It's wonderful. No need to keep reading reviews, buy it now. Why are you still reading this? Hit the buy button already, you won't regret it. You're still reading this aren't you..? I don't know what else I can say about it. Coda is by far the best web dev app for iPad...also Mac...also iPhone... No, I don't work for Panic, they didn't pay me. Why are you still reading this, you could be making websites already.



The most delightful code editor/shell/sftp app out there.

Don't Panic

James Finley

I love Coda. Desktop and iOS. I have been using it since the day it came out on both platforms and wouldn't even consider moving to a different code editor. This is a must-have app.