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Coda is paid iOS app published by Panic, Inc.

Absolutely Brilliant


I've spent years editing php and CSS files on my Mac using TextEdit and Transmit. It was nice, but Coda on my iPad is a tremendous upgrade. I just connect my Bluetooth keyboard and get to coding — no window juggling, no distractions, just a brilliant interface.

Works great, one major problem.


Love this app, works great and I'm glad I got it.. but there is a major problem, it does not handle keyed SFTP access. Prompt seems to work well with it, just as it should, but Coda and Transmit are unable to connect and throw a "Command Failure" error. I would like to see this issue fixed, this issue is also present on the OSX version of Transmit.. which I would also like to see fixed as well.

No cloud support of any kind


It's almost as if they deliberately stripped or ruled against any way of syncing files across platforms. However, Coda for Mac or iOS is the best IDE hands down. I would probably do a lot more development on my iPad Pro because there really aren't any iOS IDEs that have a straight-forward way of syncing files, and Coda Sync does not do this wether it is suppoed to or not. This is so frustrating to me that I can only give 2 stars. Didn't an earlier version have Dropbox support? If it was there, I would gladly give 5 stars!

Expensive, but worth it if you have the budget


This is a great app. The simplicity enhances my workflow, yet accounts for all my needs. </rant> I hate how the app only has 4 stars because of stupid complaints. I even saw 2 people who said they were mad that they "didn't get all the apps in the screenshot." It says "sites" on the top, and this isn't an app bundle... don't invest $25 without doing research, and blame others for your fault. </rant>

Does not sync


this app is good but it does not sync between iphone and ipad. i have been sitting here for the past 20 minutes pressing "sync now" yet it stays stuck at "last sync *20 minutes ago*" it wont even pull files i pushed to icloud from my iphone.

What an amazing app!!

Brad Hesse

As a tech guy, this has to be the most useful app in iOS. It lets you do anything you want! You can use FTP/sFTP to view any file on your home computer. You can SSH into your computer/servers (heck, even a raspberry pi) to control it. Not only that, but it just works well. It works far better than any SSH or FTP client I've ever seen on Android. And that's not even getting in to the text editing features of the app, which is fantastic. I imagine it is more useful to web developers than iOS developers like myself, but it's a far better text editor than I would have thought possible on iOS. And you can tell how much thought and hard work the developers have put into the app. They even give you the ability to use keys instead of passwords for SSH, which is a super helpful little addition. This app is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps of all time!

Please we need web inspector


The app is incredibly amazing, but it needs one major feature: Web Inspector and ability to simulate desktop screen sizes. Thanks for all the good works 🙏

Great Tool for Web Developers

Ben Huebscher

A high quality IDE for web development.

Remarkable. Fast. Simple.


After endless searches on the App Store for a mobile coding app that supports YAML and JSON formatting, I've found it. After a few uses, I've discovered the many features that this app provides, and let me say that there's absolutely no possible way to explain why I love this app. I've worked as an Minecraft server admin and developer for several years, and sadly the program I used before this got removed 😭...but hope wasn't lost, because Coda definitely brought my mobile capabilities back to life. Not only is it full of neat features like previews, permissions, full FTP support, and a find/replace tool, but they're also easy to find and use! I've never seen anything easier! I hope this app will keep its support into the future, and that it continues to be complex yet born for touch.

Nice but flawed


Really really enjoy this app! However, please adda "ZEN"mode. Like VIM.