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Cobi Shoot

Take aim and get ready for awesome arcade shooting action!
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Games Free Cobra Mobile Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Have fun and challenge yourself or play with all your friends to see who's the best!

• How many clay pigeons can you shoot in 30 seconds?
• Can you shoot all the fruit without hitting any bombs?
• How many ducks can you stop heading south?
• Perfect your aim in the Red vs Blue challenge!

Use global leaderboards to see how good your score is or compete with your friends in Messages.

Try different characters, find your rhythm and have a blast with Cobi Shoot!

Cobi Shoot from the creators of Red's Kingdom, Let's Go Rocket and the smash-hit iMessage games Cobi Arrows, Cobi Hoops and Cobi Darts.

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Make a soldier 76 reference. I GOT YOU IN MY SIGHTS

Great game.

This game is crazy fun. Reminds me of skeet shooting from Track and Field on the NES. Also the red and blue mode is great, really makes you have to think and use both sides of your brain. Big thumbs up.

Old ft

I've been a Cobra fan since Go Rocket. But I had doubts about this one cause I didn't care for Arrows. No more. It's fun, I like it.