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Campaign 2016 is the data election, and CNN Politics is telling the story in an entirely new and compelling way with this exclusive experience.
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This indispensable and addictive app gives you all the data driving the race for the White House in an engaging and easily digestible format.

CNN Politics puts you at the forefront of this election cycle with the inside scoop on polling, fundraising, delegate tracking and more.


- Exclusive data visualizations illustrating the why behind the who and what of 2016
- Comprehensive election results, breaking news, deep dives and video reporting from the No. 1 online political news destination
- Personalized alerts and notifications to keep you up to date on the stories and trends defining the race

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It's war
A local guide

For the memes

Fake News
Wang Chong1

CNN=Clown News Network

Notice ratings on the main CNN app.

Claims that CNN is bias are completely baseless. CNN is doing exactly what the should as a news network. Notice how the main CNN app has a five star rating. that’s because trolls can’t get enough reviews on it to alter the rating by overwhelming genuine reviews because it has over 240k reviews were as this app only has 117 atm.

Fake news

It’s all crap

Fake News

Fake News

When did cnn switch to lying?!?

Wow Im confused. CNN was actual news just a year or two ago. Seven of eight stories in areas I know well all untrue. In three cases there is video. They called patriot prayer a neo-nazi march. A group run by a mixed race guy with half poc leadership? Jesus what happened CNN. DELETING APP.


CNN has become a leftist propaganda organization that only cares about money. They tell lies and think they should be honored like our military, they went to that level and that is sad and very unprofessional.


I don’t think you can do it anything else I will appreciate that it you can get your it done and so before you

Great app

App works great. Genuine journalism for normal people.

2 poops and a Pee

This app will take a fake news dump in your eyes. Obama’s helps law for grown men to take poop in women’s bathroom.