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Close Range - Shooter Madness Lite

Are you ready for the most adrenaline burner game ever?
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Close Range - Shooter Madness is the art, practice, or skill of shooting bullets. Historically, A shooting range or firing range has been a place where law workers such as army personnel or police go to practice their shooting skills.

What is fun about this game is that in some scenarios factors like weather, wind, etc will affect the journey of your bullet.

Shooters should observe wind indicators to make an estimate of wind speed, which is then converted into lateral minute of angle point of aim corrections or, alternatively, windage hold-off corrections.

- Outdoor/Indoor shooting
- Awesome graphics
- 12 different scenarios
- Tournament mode!
- Awesome sound fx and music.
- Moving and static targets!



Not accurate

The aiming does not go where you want but in the outside of the target. I got a bullseye from aiming at some tree in the back round? I am very confused......?

it's good

i like it, because you're shooting at targets, not at people


I shoot handguns frequently. Giving this app one star is generous.