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Cliff Jumper - Jump from an Infinite Cliff

Cliff Jumper is an infinite scroller where the player jumps from a cliff and try to avoid as many obstacles as possibles to obtain the longest jump. You can collect coins during the jump and trade it at the in game store.
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I could spent hours on this

The Next Flappy Bird

I'm an avid gamer. I've been one for years. I play all types of games... From FIFA to Call of Duty to Age of Empires. And I must say... This game is absolutely amazing. The gameplay is simple. The best arcade games usually are exactly that. Very simple. However, it is a tough game to master. It tests your patience, timing, and reaction abilities. I've been playing this game non-stop. Don't download this if you want to get straight A's/have a life. It won't happen. But if you're down for some fun, give it a download. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Super Fun and Incredibly Addicting

This game is absolutely awesome. Can't get enough.