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Clash of Fighter : Deadly Snakes

Clash of Fighter : Deadly Snakes is one of the best and advance surly magnificence fighting game of this era, Fight to earn you respect put your anger in your mind and smash opponent its a fight club guys. Deadly fight has magnificence graphics then any other fighting game it comes with best visual and sound effects hope you will enjoy it. Champions aren't born, they are made! Punch is the world's #1 combat sports game available on IOS. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become the king of battles now!
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Games Free Hiep Nguyen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Game Features :

- Meticulously designed levels, roles and exquisite maps, games super attractive and challenging, never let your foot addiction;
- High quality of the game screen, bring visual aesthetic feast;
- Imaginative and attractive game production; FREE game 100%



Come on this game really had potential.In my opinion I think you need to put more effort,characters and you show all these characters and yet you only play 3 characters.This game is disappointing YOU REALLY HAD POTENTIAL

ethe gamer

Complete Trash

Horrible! Don't Buy!

It shows this huge roster but you can only choose one of three characters. The game crashes almost every time I play. There are ads every time you enter the game and before a fight! Just don't get it!

Bad worst app in gaming history
Two Face II

This app has a number of issues which makes it useless. The first one is the gameplay. You are given a picture of three fighters only to just be given the same one all the time (poison). The versus page is cheesy and a picture cutout of vs. as you start the round you are given a playstation one controller layout which does not match what you press. Furthermore as you match start its continuously interrupted with ads from other games. In conclusion this person made this app to make money of ads not the use of the game or app itself.

Hey Denny,
Qiu Qiu 123

This game, and all of your other games, we're not done with your heart in the right place. You want clicks, so you make a lot of images that make the games look like more than they actually are. You need to focus more on actually making a great product. It takes more time, energy, and skill, but if it truly is great, people will notice and you won't even need to depend on ads. Like steve jobs says, don't sell crap. You're devaluing yourself. Now nobody will want to purchase anything under the name Denny Nguyen. I will not want to play anything made by you either. You should change your developer name and start coming out with games that have the player in mind. Playtest with many people and consider everyone's opinion carefully. It takes longer but it will improve your life. Do not contribute to all the junk in the App Store, gives us game developers a bad reputation. I hope you change your ways.