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This Christmas we have a wonderful surprise for you! Christmas Sweeper 2 will be your favorite game this holiday season! So open your Christmas present NOW, it's FREE!
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Get in the Christmas mood with this relaxing match-3 puzzler, featuring 100's of challenging levels and many hours of fun! You don't have to wait for lives, or annoy your friends to play or advance in this game. With soothing Christmas music and beautiful graphics, this game is a JOY to play!

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Xmas Sweep me away

I love this game. You can play and play with out spending any money. You never have to worry about energy or any of that other stuff that keeps you from playing.

Christmas sweep

Best game I have ever played. I would recommend this to anyone have been playing this game for about 3 months I loved all my games but I ended up deleting them because I can’t stop playing.

Christmas Sweeper 2

Not able to play, I’m in the middle of a game and it froze, its been two days. Help

Christmas Sweeper 2

I loved this game, I would play it everyday at lunch or during study hall. My favorite part about this game was that to lose you had to run out of time not moves. These past 2 weeks every time I play it always kicks me out of the app and my screen goes black and I can never get back to my game. Fix this or I’m going to stop playing this!

My favorite

I return to this one most often as my favorite game.


Addictive and fun!

Christmas Sweeper 2

Enjoy the game, But...why must that pop up happen constantly to get me to click on another game. A few times during the game, ok, I get it. But this every few seconds is ridiculous! Enough to make me stop and delete the game altogether.

Christmas Sweeper

I loved this game at first, but now I'm deleting, because, with each round you play, you're stuck watching a 30 second ad, that you cannot get out of. It seems to me that you're playing about 30 seconds and then gritting your teeth thru 30 seconds of ads about things there is absolutely no chance I would ever buy. In fact it sometimes feels like someone is rubbing salt in my wounds. I play these stupid games because I'm house bound with a devastating disease and will never be able to drive a car again, but I have to sit thru car commercials, among other things. 30 seconds doesn't sound like it's long, but count that out and it's very irritating. I understand they need to get money for the game, but they could be more sensitive to what they're presenting to whom.

Christmas sweeper 2
Judys blast

I love it. Completely addicted to it

Not enough time

I’ve had this game for quite a long time and am up in the higher levels. I get so frustrated because the time is always running out and I usually only have one or two moves to make in order to beat the level. Would give it more stars if this were corrected.