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Checkbook HD offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. Luxurious iPad-oriented design (check the screenshots). Easy sync and iPad/iPhone versions combined in one app! Buy now ►►

"In a nutshell, I can’t really find what’s missing from it." AppAdvice
“Essential ledger and budgeting app for iOS.” AppCraver

Manage all your accounts with Checkbook HD and stay always aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts, and how it happened. Add entries that change balances on your accounts manually, or import your banking records either by using your bank's OFX file or through Direct Connect (direct downloading). You can also schedule recurring transactions, sync your data between several devices, schedule delayed transactions and clear them later on (reconcile). To visualize the activity of your accounts, use colorful charts.

Checkbook HD features:

- Unlimited number of accounts (checking, savings, credit card, etc.)
- Running balance column
- Accounts reconciliation (balance and cleared balance)
- Support of multiple currencies
- Restoration of previously deleted accounts (if needed)

TRANSACTIONS (green sticky note)
- Income, Expenses, Transfers between accounts
- Categories and subcategories
- Automatic categorization based on previous transactions
- Additional fields for organizing your records including description, payee, check #, etc.

- Automatic repeating transactions scheduled as “cleared” or “not cleared”
- Regulated custom frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and any other frequency customization).

REPORTS (yellow and red sticky notes)
- Pie chart and bar chart reports showing the structure of your income and expenses
- Filter by categories and subcategories, accounts and payees

- Import of your banking records using your bank's OFX file
- Downloading data directly from your bank (Contact us to learn if your bank is supported -
- Quick manual entry
- PIN-protected data
- Backup
- Export of your data in CSV format
- iCloud storing of your data and providing it on all your devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac (This feature can be turned on after the installation. All the updates occur automatically.)
- Bluetooth sync

- Great special iPad/iPhone oriented interface design (luxurious library room)
- Retina display support
- Optimized for iPhone 5

- User Guide - 
- Feedback & Support - [email protected]

Checkbook HD is truly a high quality clean product for easy personal finance management. Buy now! ►►


Can’t see

Why did you change the color of the font? White on white? Cmon guys- get with the program!!!


Wow so easy! I’ve been using this app for 6 years or so and don’t want to upgrade to money pro which my husband uses. Money pro is too complicated. This is perfect and I’m glad you aren’t forcing us to upgrade. If you want convenience and simplicity this does everything that way!

Can’t scroll all the way to the bottom

Since the most recent update, I can no longer scroll all the way to the bottoms to see all of my payees. I can’t select the bottom few rows to select them for a transaction.

Hate the update

I loved this app but since the update, it is impossible to see the numbers. The font is white over a light colored background and I can’t change it. I am deleting it and finding another app.

?No Dark Mode Support?

App background remains white with Dark Mode turned on via Settings in iOS 13.3.1. It is supposed to be black with white text. SPECS iPhone XS iOS 13.3.1 Settings > Display & Brightness: Dark Mode ON Automatic Appearance OFF True Tone OFF Night Shift OFF Text Size OFF Bold Text OFF Settings > Accessibilities > Zoom: Zoom ON Follow Focus OFF Keyboard Shortcut OFF Zoom Control OFF Zoom Region FULL SCREEN ZOOM Zoom Filter NONE Settings > Accessibilities > Display & Text Size: Bold Text OFF Larger Text OFF Button Shapes OFF On/Off Labels OFF Reduce Transparency OFF Increase Contrast OFF Differentiation Without Color OFF Smart Invert OFF Classic Invert OFF Color Filters OFF Reduce White Point OFF Auto-Brightness OFF

Update Fixed Issued

Revising my last review, as the latest update fixed the white-on-grey text problem! Thank you. One less stress in a crazy world right now. This app has been my go-to for years now and I’m relieved that I can continue using it. Does what I need, nothing fancy. Just a good, simple app for the task required.

Update needs some tweaking

This new update works ok for fitting things into the screen better on my XR. Unfortunately they didn’t incorporate anything for dark mode. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Latest fixes are great

There was an update that made the text white on white. But they fixed this within 48 hours. And the hesitation in scrolling is better. I've been using this app for years and I rely on it for all of my account balancing. I've tried other apps and this one just works great! Not too complicated of an interface and easy to use. Love it!

Don’t too small

The only issue I have is the font size changed and it’s too small in my opinion.

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