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Charades! is the outrageously fun and exciting multi-activity game for you and your kids!
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Games Free FatChicken Studios iPhone, iPad, iPod

With different challenges from singing, acting or sketching -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your kid's clues before the timer runs out!

- Children themed decks so your child can join in the fun!
- Play with one child, or one hundred at the same time.
- Draw a new card by tilting your phone up or down
- Wacky activities from singing, sketching to trivia will challenge even the most well-rounded players

With 15 children themed decks to choose from, each packed with over 50+ exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop! So whether you're child is young or older-there's something for everyone.

Decks include:
- Family Movies
- Cartoons
- Anime
- Toys and Game
- Children's Songs
- And lots more!

Challenging players in trivia and creativity, your next party, reunion or family game night will never be the same.


cae bear

I like this game but I want to play it gives me “runtime error” so then I can’t play it but when it didn’t do that it is a fun and free game I just what them to fix that error


Made my own set of game categories and actually going to trick my friends, this app is awesome!!!??????✅✅✅✅✅????

cool but could be better

Read the PS first thank you! I love this game. It is awesome. I would chage one thing. So if you read this before you get the app liston carfully. If you have siblings that can’t read don’t get it. My brother (6) is still trying to read, so I have to act things out. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE APP IF YOU HAVE YOUNGER ONES ok that was just my biggest problem. Otherwise it would be great. That just gets on my nerves bc it says it is for kids but some kids can’t read. Anyway it does have a lot of adds. This game is pretty fun SOMETIMES bc I have another brother (8) and he can read so sometimes he will play. That is the end of this so baauuuiiiii!! P. S. if you don’t have any younger ones than you can get it. That was just my biggest problem.

Awesome needs one more thing tho ??

It’s really entertaining and fun I think you should add pictures to them tho I like that you can make your own and play them that’s the end!??

Dr Ihab herraka


Could be harder but a good game!!!!!

Charades!kids could be harder, but it’s a very good game! I don’t know WHY people think it is a bad game, it needs a little updating, hardness, and more questions, but rather then that it is a great game!!!!

Fun for entire family

Great game to play around the holidays.


This game is actually crap. My butthole makes better games than this trash game. Maybe if you got your heads out of the clouds, you’ll stop ripping me and my whole family off. I hated this game, it has too many stupid ads, and these stupid children need to grow up and play something else.

Game, too many adds

I love your game, it is just that the name of the brand is a little disturbing to little kids who aren’t suppose to say that. Also, is there a way you can spend your coins. If not, they are useless and there is no need for them. Also there are too many adds that are the same as the one just shown.

cara gray

Great for kids well known Disney characters also