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In collaboration with FIFPro, it was officially authorized by the FC Bayern München and dubbed by the Jon champion of ESPN. You can’t miss the coolest 3D game, especially Football Manger fans. It's a Football Manager innovative game
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Thousands of top clubs gather, supported by abundant financial to be scouted, to win the championship and receive the highest honor.

Nowadays, real-life players are collecting Football Manager Card Game which has been downloaded more than 3,500,000 times by users worldwide. The European decisive battle begins here.

Features of the game
1)Signed superstar players:More than 3000 real-life players dying to join us.
Officially authorized by FIFPro, the game includes several European Leagues. There are more than 3000 real-life players dying to join your team. Collect the stars and build the BEST team ever!

2)Heroic moment:Make You Choice By Combination of skills
Every player has his heroic moment, demonstrating their tactics in the competition. Combo tactics and skills affects your opponent's defense useless.

3)Brotherhood:Best teammates to make a football star!
Football is a teamwork game, every player finding his best teammates will perform to the best of their abilities.

4)Player Upgrade: Advance+Enhance+Evolve =Level Up
With various ways to upgrade, you are gaining free upgrade kit and learning Advance skills. What’s more, there are lots of interesting mini-games which help your players practice and advance their skill.

5) Build Your Stadium: Upgrade Facilities to Beat Your Rivals.
Increase club profits and win more star players by upgrading stadiums, the research center, parking lot and other facilities. You can also do a research on weather and grass to get the advantage of a magnificent stadium.
You can also do a research on weather and grass to get the advantage of a magnificent stadium.

Trophy Manager is not a real-life operative football game.
The football managers that we scout must be good at management and can attract football stars to join in club. The manager should be the pioneer who has an overall vision, high-level tactics and manages to save the day in an instant.

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Game Requirements
Tip: some devices can't support the latest game except following devices.
Devices with ram less than 2G might come across game lag. Devices with ram less than 1G cannot be used to play the game.
The online game needs a stable network.
Recommended devices:
Devices with RAM larger than 3G.
(devices with IOS 11 system or iPhone 6 or its latest models)


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